Top Inventions That Changed the World of Fashion Forever

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When it comes to the world of fashion, many of us just throw on our clothes without a second thought. We take our favorite pieces and essentials for granted, with most of us never stopping to think that there was a time when these outfits did not even exist. 

Thanks to the prowess and genius of fashion designers and inventors, we can now wear the items we love today. And our appearances and comfort levels might be very different were it not for these great fashion minds. 

There are many clothing staples that have become hugely popular and considered essentials over the decades, and most of us would find it challenging to manage without them. However, there was a time when these designs did not exist. Even today, there are many fashion inventors who move their ideas forward with assistance from people such as the InventHelp team, so we can expect to see plenty of new inventions coming onto the market for fashionistas. 

From those stunning high heels and that little black dress to those comfortable jeans, we take many different items of clothing and fashion accessories for granted these days. Well, read our article, and we will learn about some of the top fashion items that were created by new inventors over the years and went on the change the world of fashion forever. 

Some of the Top Fashion Inventions

In the world of fashion, a few things are constant. The first is that everyone loves to look good. Secondly, consumers will constantly want fresh fashion trends. When it comes to these top fashion inventions, they fit both criteria. These include jeans, the little black dress (LBD), high heels, and other notable designs.


These days, we wear jeans to all sorts of places, and many of us practically live in our jeans. Some people wear them for work depending on their job, some lounge around in jeans at home, others wear them for casual days out, and some dress them up for an evening out. When you are in a favorite pair of jeans, you feel confident, comfortable, and relaxed, which is ideal. 

There are also many different options, from skinny jeans to regular, bootcut, and flares. Jeans came about in the 17th century in their original form, although Levi Strauss added the zipper in the 1830s, which was the start of the jeans we know and love today from brands like Marc Jacobs.  

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High Heels

Many people love to sling on a pair of slinky high heels to go with a dress, trousers, or even jeans, and these can make a big difference to the way you look and feel. While heeled footwear has its roots in Medieval times, the classic high heels of today only came about in the 20th century but gained immense popularity. These are now wardrobe staples for many people who want to add height and feel super-confident when they step out. 

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The Little Black Dress comes from the iconic Coco Chanel, and there are many stories around regarding how and why this design came to fruition. While we might not know the exact reasons behind the LBD, one thing that is certain is that it has become a firm wardrobe staple over the years. 

And many now turn to their little black dresses for all sorts of occasions. Of course, you can now choose from various designs and styles, but many believe every woman should have an LBD as part of their essential wardrobe. 

Nylon Tights

Most of us take our nylon tights for granted these days, and whether you wear them daily to work or to glam up your outfit on a night out, you can enjoy comfort, style, and practicality. Of course, as we know them today, tights were not always around, and previously women had to cope with wool or silk-type socks and stockings. However, American chemists came up with these nylon fibers in the 1930s, and this changed the face of hosiery forever. 

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Waterproof Jackets

Most of us know the misery of stepping outdoors in the pouring rain and getting soaked through, so we naturally want to protect ourselves as much as possible. One of the things that a lot of people do is buy a stylish, fashionable, yet practical waterproof coat or jacket, which has become another wardrobe staple for many. 

The waterproof coat as we know it came about after chemist Charles McIntosh accidentally spilled some rubber lotion on a costume and realized it became waterproof. Some fine-tuning over the years resulted in the waterproof outerwear we love today. 

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Of course, let’s not forget about underwear and the impact of inventions on this area of the fashion industry. The humble bra, for example, is an invention that millions of women will be forever grateful for. It did away with the need for women to squeeze themselves into cosets as in centuries past and now provides support and comfort while also delivering on style, stunning design, and affordability. 

This is just an example of some of the incredible fashion inventions that have come about over the decades and have revolutionized our lives regarding what we wear. Of course, fashions come and go, which is something that most of us have come to realize, and we adapt what we wear and have in our wardrobes based on changes in the world of fashion. However, thanks to inventions such as the above, some fashion items are clearly here to stay. 

Contributing to the World of Fashion

As mentioned earlier, there are people who still come up with fantastic fashion inventions these days, and we see this in the ever-changing fashion environment where new fashions come and go. If you have an idea for a fashion invention, you can find invention services to help you move forward with your idea, and you, too, could make a valuable contribution to the world of fashion. 

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