Top Fashionable Phones of 2019

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The time of technology is now and 2019 has delivered some of the hottest upgraded phones with unbelievable functionality. Depending on the desires of the user, the latest mobile smart devices cater to these needs and there are some features which are simply outstanding and have made these phones the most fashionable over the past months of 2019.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

It’s only natural Samsung would keep up with 2019 trends and deliver one of the most fashionable phones. The phone has a number of features which support modern users accessing sites like as well as speedy networking capability for instant internet access. The highlighted features which have classed the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as ultra-modern includes incredibly high resolution graphics, longer battery life, VR (Virtual Reality) functionality and 1 terabyte storage option.

The Note 10 is said to be the most anticipated phone of 2019 as this update will be released at the end of August.

Samsung Galaxy 10 Phone
Samsung Galaxy 10 Phone. jan_maly / Photo: Deposit Photos

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Released in March 2019, many Samsung enthusiasts have been waiting for their time to upgrade to this massively impressive smartphone. Just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the internal storage is impressive offering a terabyte of card storage, the camera takes perfect pictures ustlizsing 12MP rear camera and a 10MP front camera, and finally the phone is as elegant looking as its features.

Huawei P30 Pro

Despite running into some bad publicity some months back regarding Facebook access from the manufactures themselves, Huawei has managed to save face thanks to their fashionable creation of the Huawei P30 Pro. The smartphone features a 40MP rear camera which delivers the best quality images, nocking all competitors out of the park. In addition to stellar images captured by the high tech camera, this device also offers a lengthy battery life, creative functionality and a user friendly interface hard to compete with.

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Google Pixel 3 Phone. Photo: rss.vladimir / Deposit Photos

Google Pixel 3 XL

Released to the public in November 2018, the innovative smartphone design from Google remains a favourite and has been voted as one of the most fashionable phones in 2019. The high resolution display is what has attracted most users and although the camera is only 8MP, the idea behind the creation was to deliver a unique looking and user friendly smartphone which responds to requests in seconds. Mostly used for videos and photos, buyers are treated to great storage and quality imagery.

The Honor Play

Although there have been a number of phones to have gripped the attention of tech users over the past two years, there has only been a handful to be both visually appealing and user friendly with great functionality. One phone, however, may not be the most visually appealing or have the greatest features, but it does deliver great features at an affordable price. This is the Honor Play which features a huge display, ideal for gamers.

Tech is evolving becoming more fashionable by the day, so why give it a pass thinking it’s not necessary? Of course it’s necessary! Make sure you get your very useful and fashionable smartphone device with the above mentioned functionality.

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