Top 4 Сommon Wardrobe Mistakes Female Students Should Avoid

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College years were specially made for experimenting with our style! You may go crazy with your haircuts, hair color, piercing, and wear all the bright clothes you’ll be embarrassed about in a few years. When being a student, you tend to look for your own style learning from your fashion mistakes and victories. How can you minimize those for saving your time and money?

Shopping pitfalls

In most of the cases, you get your clothing from the stores. Some of us prefer flea markets or thrift shops – just remember how many exclusive clothing items came from there! Still, there are two dangerous traps that will occasionally lead you to fashion faux pas.

1. Getting overexcited about sales

Sales… Who’s not addicted to those? Sales came to be a popular research object in essays on history, psychology, and economics since their consequences are quite intriguing: every year, a person spends over $3,000 on buying unnecessary items on sale. Most of those are groceries, however, just remind yourself, what was your recent impulsive purchase that got to your hands after you saw a “Discount” tag? This is how the clothing we don’t need gets to our wardrobes!

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2. Shopping when feeling depressed or angry

Shopping makes people feel good (especially students, who are trying to relax after working on their literature or history essay examples). Many of us consider shopping some kind of therapy, which comes as a helping hand after another stressful day at the uni or work. Yet, remember that the dopamine bomb doesn’t imply a long-lasting curing effect at the same time wasting your financial resources.

When being in the wrong mood for shopping, you are most likely to purchase something being far from your daily style. Wait a day or two – you’ll be surprised how different your choices can be depending on your emotions!

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Matching issues

So here we go – all packed with the clothing we like – it makes us feel good because of the right color, perfect size, and amazing fabric. At this stage, you can still make some dramatic wardrobe mistakes – everything is because of matching!

3. Wearing something not suitable for an event

In the US, there are not that many places to set up the dress code for their visitors. So is the majority of colleges –  you are free to wear whatever for your classes. Still, there are many examples when the book is judged by its cover. For instance, you have to choose history essays and present those to your professor known for his exceptional taste in fashion. Regardless of your expertise level and the topics you can discuss, an oversized sweatshirt and ripped jeans might distract this super conservative woman and affect her overall attitude to you as a student.

Not fair, huh? We bet, all the US politicians think so wearing their classic suits together with perfectly ironed shirts every single morning.

Photo: Deposit Photos
Photo: Deposit Photos

4. Saving something for a better day

Let’s imagine – you have an amazing summer dress. You bought it for $40, and it matches your skin color. You’re in love with the pattern – seems like one of the Kardashians wore something similar on her birthday this year. And… this perfect dress is still hanging somewhere in your wardrobe, feeling lonely.

We’ve all been there – saving something for a special occasion, eating your favorite pies just on Thanksgiving, going to the saloon just before someone’s big wedding… and writing the list of the historical essay topics instead, what an alternative!

What if you start living now? Enjoy everything you have whether it’s an amazing summer dress or a pair of snow-white snickers (that are getting under a treat right you go out of your apartment, let’s be fair). Waiting for a special occasion might take some time – how can you know that your taste won’t change till that time or, what’s even better, that you won’t lose weight till next summer?

Again, college is the time to identify your preferences and tastes – don’t limit yourself on style experiments! And don’t forget – you should always dedicate some time to yourselves regardless of history essay examples and other boring home assignments waiting for you. YOLO!

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