Tips on Choosing the Right Perfume for Yourself

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The type of perfume that you use says a lot about your personality. Our sense of smell is a gift for us. This sense of ours gives us an idea about the essence of the people around us. It allows us to think about people in a particular manner. Therefore, perfume should be chosen with great responsibility as it represents you. Choosing a perfume that matches your personality can be difficult. Therefore, read this article to find out some tips that will help you choose the right scent.

Find the Right Notes

Something that many people don’t know is that different “Notes” are used to make perfumes. The Notes that we are talking about have three layers. These layers are the base, top, and heart notes. So to manufacture a scent, all these three layers are combined. 

Now, Initio perfumes are known to have a floral smell. They are made up of various notes such as gardenia, rose, or geranium. For scents with fruity fragrances, notes of citrus or other fresh fruits are used. Similarly, exotic perfumes are made up of spicy notes, which include star anise, etc. 

Manufacturers use different notes to make perfumes for different genders. For example, fragrances for the male gender may contain heavier and masculine notes. Sometimes woody or leather tones are also used in male perfumes. 

The easiest way to find out what types of eau de toilette or perfume you prefer and then see what base notes they contain before making a buying decision.

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Finding the Right Concentration

Perfumes are divided into four different concentration levels. The higher the concentration, the more the fragrance usually costs. The higher the concentration of perfume, the stronger its scent usually is and the longer it lasts on the skin. They can be a little more expensive, but some people find that the price of highly concentrated fragrances is justified.

Parfums or Perfumes: have the highest concentration. Sprayed just once on pulse points like the wrists, these highly concentrated fragrances last all day.

Eau de Parfum: This concentration lasts about six hours after application.

Eau de Toilette: is much cheaper and easy to have. However, you have to apply it more than once a day for it to last.

Eau de Cologne: After about two hours, the scent is usually primarily gone.

Test the Perfume

Before buying a perfume, some simple tests help to ensure that you can identify with the scent. The most important thing is to try the fragrance on your skin. Every person’s skin has a unique, particular composition of hormones and pheromones that massively influences how a perfume smells. This “code” can completely change a fragrance.

The best way is to apply a few small spritzes on your wrists; for example, wait a few moments and then smell the Initio perfumes directly on your skin. Depending on one’s chemical composition, the scent can sometimes be intensified or weakened. It can also be altered if one has specific chemistry that does not match the fragrance blend.

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