5 Hair Extensions Care Tips to Make Them Last Longer

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Photo: Shutterstock

Hair extensions provide a great way to add volume, fullness, and length to your locks. On top of that, they allow you to try out different hairstyles that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve with short or thin hair. 

While high-quality synthetic extensions can make your hair longer and fuller, human hair extensions can be an excellent, long-term investment. Remy hair extensions are a bit more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, but they’re worth it. These hair extensions can be styled with heat tools and last a long time. 

The good news is that you can extend the life of hair extensions even further and maintain their fresh look and feel by taking good care of them. Read on for our top five hair extension care tips. 

Brush Hair Extensions
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1. Brush Your Extensions Often

Brushing your extensions regularly is essential to prolonging their life and keeping them looking fresh. Brushing will help to keep your extensions free of tangles and knots, which can otherwise result in breakage and damage. 

It’s best to use a soft-bristled brush specifically designed for hair extensions, as this tool will be gentle on the stands and won’t pull or snag. Just be sure to always start by brushing from the end of the extensions, then gently work your way up to the top. 

It’s also a good idea to use a detangling spray or leave-in conditioner to help loosen any tangles or knots. Be patient and brush carefully, as rushing can result in hair damage

2. Store Your Extensions Properly

When you’re not wearing your hair extensions, it’s essential to store them properly to keep them in good condition. If you have clip-ins, halo, or ponytail extensions, make sure to remove them from your hair before sleeping and store them in a safe place, such as a storage bag or a box specifically designed for hair extensions. 

Unlike clip-in extensions, tape-in, or sew-ins, bonded extensions will typically remain in your hair for several weeks or months after installation because you cannot easily remove and install them daily. But in any case, when they’re not in use, it’s still important to store them properly to prolong their lifespan. 

Avoid hanging your extensions up by the bonds, as this can cause them to stretch or get damaged. Instead, lay them flat in a storage box, an airtight container, or even a shoebox. Also, ensure the extensions are not exposed to direct sunlight, heat, or humidity. 

Avoid Too Much Hair Products
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3. Avoid Too Many Hair Products

Hair extensions are more prone to damage and dryness, so you must be careful about the products you use on them. Using too many products will result in product buildup and could weigh the hair down. Plus, product buildup can affect your extensions’ look, texture, and feel, besides promoting tangling. 

As such, be sure to avoid using too many hair products. When you do use products, choose lightweight, nourishing formulas specifically designed for hair extensions. You’ll also want to pick products free of harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and alcohol because these agents can cause your extensions to become dry and brittle. 

4. Wash Your Extensions Only When Necessary

Washing your hair extensions too often can strip them of moisture, making them dry and brittle. For this reason, you should wash your extensions only when necessary. 

If you wear your extensions daily, a general rule of thumb is to wash them once a month. But if you generally use multiple products and feel like it’s challenging to style your extensions, you may wash them twice a month. 

Additionally, you should be careful when washing your extensions because vigorous rubbing can reduce their lifespan. Instead, use a gentle touch when shampooing the strands. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the hair to remove all product traces, as any residue can lead to tangles and knots.

Avoid Heat Tools
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5. Avoid Heat Tools as Much as Possible

Although it’s possible to use heat tools like curling irons or straighteners on your extensions, try not to rely on these too often, as they can damage the hair strands over time. Heat tools can also make your extensions dry and brittle. 

If you need heat tools for styling a specific look, use them at lower temperatures. Also, apply a heat-protectant product to your extensions before using heat tools. 

Final Thoughts

While these tips will help increase the life of your extensions, we recommend you invest in high-quality extensions like Zala Hair Extensions. As one of the best websites to buy hair extensions, Zala Hair Extensions are durable, long-lasting, and look fabulous. 

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