Tips for Women to Stay Safe During a Night Out

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Unfortunately, we live in a world where young women have to constantly look over their shoulders during a night out with friends. However, that’s just the reality of where things stand. Thankfully, you can still have fun. Here are some tips to keep you safe.

Go out with friends.

It’s never a good idea to go to a bar or party alone. Get a group of friends together and travel as a pack. This makes you much less susceptible to becoming a victim. It also keeps you safe when walking to the bar or getting a ride. 

Use a buddy system.

Traveling in a group is a good start, but it’s also wise to use a buddy system. Everyone in the group needs an assigned buddy that they’re responsible for throughout the night. If one of you has to use the restroom, you both go. If one person wants to order another round, you walk to the bar together. It’s easy for one person in the group to go missing for a while. But if you have a buddy system, nobody will ever slip away undetected. 

Keep an eye on your drink.

Be vigilant of your drink. When you’re in a crowded bar, drink spiking is probably your biggest threat. This is where someone maliciously slips a drug into your drink to make you lose your inhibitions or consciousness. The problem with drink spiking is that most drugs used are odorless, colorless, and tasteless. This means you’ll likely never know it.

In addition to constantly watching your drink, you can use the NightCap drink spiking prevention cover to keep unwanted substances out. It comes in both a scrunchie and keychain form for your convenience. 

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Visit less crowded bars.

Everyone wants to go to the “hot” bar where everyone else is. However, a crowded bar where people are crammed shoulder-to-shoulder really isn’t all that fun. You can’t move, grab a seat, or even hear your friends when talking. These bars also put you at a much higher risk for drink spiking or assault. In the event you encounter such scenario, it is recommended to make an immediate action by working with one of your preferred protective order attorneys.

One suggestion is to visit less crowded bars – somewhere you can get your own table and enjoy a little breathing room. As long as you have your friends with you, this can be just as fun.

Travel in common areas.

If walking to a bar or party, be sure to take common roads and pathways. Avoid poorly lit areas or back alleys where you could find yourself in a compromising situation. A robbery or assault is much less likely to occur on the main road with other pedestrians and drivers.

When walking (or even when taking an Uber), always have your phone with you so that you can call 911 in an emergency. If you carry pepper spray or a taser device, it’s also wise to have this within reach. 

The same rules apply to when you’re inside a bar. Travel in groups and use the buddy system. Never leave the bar on your own without having your buddy go with you. (It’s wise to create a plan before the night starts so that you’re both able to leave when you want to.)

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Only take what you need.

Don’t go out with more than you need. Take the bare necessities and nothing more. Criminals often target women who have purses or lots of jewelry. By limiting your belongings, you make yourself less of a target.

Drink responsibly.

Many women adopt a mentality of “Why should I have to change my behaviors when I’m not doing anything wrong?” And while this is certainly a good thought, the reality is that you can’t sit back and hope that things will be alright. Drink spiking and sexual assault are unfortunately quite typical, and the only thing you can do is remain vigilant.

The best way to stay safe is by drinking responsibly. Avoid consuming too much alcohol and stay away from drugs that may further inebriate you. This will ensure you have all of your faculties in place should you find yourself in a challenging situation.

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