Summer is Here: Your Key Fashion Rules

Model Boho White Long Dress Headwrap Natural Fashion

Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner. While it might not yet be something that would be defined as a “normal summer”, from a fashion point of view, it is.

The catwalks have already been and gone, and we’ll leave you to mull over the results that some of these have delivered.

From a more general point of view, some summer fashion tips are never going to venture off-trend. As such, whatever year you head off to Covent Garden or your shopping district of choice, the following rules are always going to be applicable.

Natural fibers are always going to be a winner

Sure, synthetics might have been the talking point of fast fashion for the past couple of decades, but in the interest of saying on top of summer, natural is key. Both linen and cotton are excellent choices, with both providing unparalleled breathability benefits.

Will they make you look better for summer? In all honesty, probably not. However, they will make the warmer months more tolerable, and indirectly this might allow you to carry a little more swagger.

Woman Denim Jacket Yellow Dress Summer Outfit

On that note, let’s talk about denim…

It’s one of the most popular materials around, and regardless of where you are in the world, denim is always sure to make an appearance.

Unfortunately, while it always does seem to survive the test of time from a pure fashion perspective, let’s not forget that it’s also one of the heaviest fabrics around. It will quite often be too hot to handle (or wear, as is the case here).

What happens if you just can’t resist the denim urge? At least consider something which is wider. Wide-leg jeans might not be your thing, but they at least allow a little more air circulation to make things a little more tolerable.

Fashion Model Yellow Outfit Street Sunny Summer

Now is the time to de-accessorize

We’ve all heard the suggestions about accessories; it’s been one of the buzzwords of fashion through this century. However, the summer might be one occasion where you can start to down tools a little and allow your outfits to do more of the talking.

There’s nothing wrong with a statement accessory, but go OTT, and you’ll soon find that things are going to get sticky. Necklaces will start to glue to your neck, and that’s just the start of the matter. Instead, invest in your outfits, and your summer will be much more comfortable.

Be wary about athleisure

Another buzzword that has infiltrated fashion over recent years is athleisure – and it’s for great reason. Worn correctly and this form of clothing can carve an envious style.

However, it’s all back to the ‘time and place’. While it looks great, many of these technical fabrics have the ‘moisture wicking‘ attribute associated with them. It means that they will be tightly glued to your body, and in the middle of summer, this is hardly the look you should be going for. Instead, allow a little skin to show. Trust us; your body will thank you for it when things start to heat up.

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