5 Subscription Boxes for Jewelry, Beauty & More

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Many women want to look beautiful in everything they wear, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your style. There are many tricks to enhance your aesthetic, whether through a new hairstyle, shoes, or accessories. Particularly, minor changes, like wearing statement jewelry pieces, adding color, or wearing tonal outfits, can upgrade your style. 

As society continues to evolve and accelerate at a rapid pace, that brings changes in fashion, skincare, and much more. People have started using products that are more eco-friendly and sustainable. Our modern way of life has become increasingly dependent on artificial chemicals polluting the atmosphere, causing an array of environmental problems around the globe. Purchasing eco-friendly jewelry and beauty products can combat this issue.

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Eco-friendly Jewelry

Eco-friendly jewelry and beauty are among the top trends you may want to consider. Since the start of civilization, people have enjoyed jewelry made with luxurious gems and metals. Miners must brave harsh environments to obtain the resources they need, harming the planet and its inhabitants. The same applies to beauty products. Sustainable jewelry and beauty products are ways to look good and care for the earth.

  • For those who are constantly buying new jewelry and changing up their looks, they should invest in eco-friendly jewelry subscription boxes. Many businesses that provide these jewelry boxes make sure that all the jewelry is made from upcycled material that does not damage the environment. For eco-friendly beauty products, make sure to look for clean beauty where companies are transparent about their products and ingredients. 
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Subscription Boxes

Here are some excellent options for eco-friendly subscription boxes with beauty, jewelry, and wellness products that can upgrade your lifestyle.

  • Let’s Go Eco: Let’s Go Eco is a brand that focuses mainly on all things related to the environment. You can find homeware, beauty products, soap, and more offerings from their sustainable boxes. They put together multiple beautiful eco-friendly options that can improve your everyday life. 
  • The Good Lane: Some brands are focused and utterly devoted to making the world a better place. The Good Lane is one of those brands that carefully curate sustainable objects for users to enjoy. These pieces range from handmade notebooks to reusable sponges and much more.
  • Switch: Switch is a brand dedicated to providing its subscribers with jewelry that is the best option for luxury options. You can rent styles from high fashion brands for plans ranging from $45 to $275 a month.
  • PuraVida: If you are looking for jewelry, you can find affordable options at PuraVida. Their boxes are made with sustainable packaging. There are options to get three bracelets every month or a two-piece jewelry set each month.
  • Detox Box: This company has monthly boxes with beauty products, including categories such as hair, makeup, wellness, and body care. With a focus on sustainability, you can look good while caring for the environment. 

Eco-friendly items are the best thing to invest in these days if you want to look beautiful while wearing the best statement pieces or taking care of your skin. In this way, you can help the environment. We owe it to future generations to make the necessary changes for a more sustainable, cleaner world.

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