Are Single Sex Classes Better Than Mixed Ones?

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One of the most controversial topics in the educational sector is choosing between single-sex and co-ed classes. Some educational institutions apply this format, while others believe that it is inappropriate for the modern society, should be leaved in the 18th century due to its usefulness or even harm.

The percentage of co-ed schools is much higher today. But does this mean that they are better? After all, quantity not always means quality. Experts from Pro-Papers term paper writing service have analyzed the key arguments of single-sex system advocates and opponents. Check them out below.

Phil Collins, an essay writer, has a lot of time in contact with students, and he began to notice in his work that he was mainly addressed by people studying in same-sex classes, it seems that this format is gaining momentum recently.

Advantages of single gender education

1. Gender-tailored curriculum

Studies showed that girls and boys have different learning preferences. Females like teamwork and communication in a class, while males prefer physical activities in the open air. Professors can allocate more hours for favorite disciplines of their students. With the traditional educational approach, all learners are supposed to receive equal knowledge, even though they do not need some skills and information.

2. Less distractions

Even at an early age, communication between genders causes excitement and lively interest. Children focus on their differences, study each other’s behavior. Love stories emerge at high school. All this prevents young people from concentrating on learning. Parents advocating single-sex classes claim that school is a place for study and not for early relationships. Therefore, it is worth protecting moral character of their unexperienced children.

3. Suitable temperature

Proponents note that female learners feel more comfortable in warm classes while males prefer colder temperature. Professors surely do not want to see kids fighting near a window to close or open it. School administration should take this nuance into account, create separate female and male classes. Comfort will motivate students to attend lectures and increase academic performance as they will enjoy the educational process.

4. No pressure from peers

It was already mentioned that boys and girls excel in different disciplines. If using a joint curriculum, learners are sure to have problems with some subjects. Their failure may be regarded as laziness, the lack of intelligence or talents, become the reason for ridicule, the fertile soil for inferiority complex and lowering self-esteem.

For example, boys boast that they show better results than girls at physical education lessons, even though teachers set different standards for male and female students. In all gender classes where unified grading system is used, young people have less reasons to claim that they are better than peers.

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5. Better academic results among girls

Statistics showed that girls from all gender classes get higher scores on SAT tests than their peers from co-ed schools, which gives supporters the weighty reason to advocate this educational format. Students whose results were analyzed explained that it was easier for them to absorb educational material due to the absence of boys in a class. These girls were not distracted from lectures and homework, had an opportunity to direct all their energy to learning.

Disadvantages of single gender education

1. Unpreparedness for the future

After graduating from a single-sex educational institution, young people will have to enter adult life and interact with people of both genders. Only narrowly specialized companies have an entirely male or female staff, which limits a career choice. Not knowing differences between genders, graduates may find it difficult to build business relationships, make friends and find a life partner.

2. Some students do not like single-sex classes

There are children enjoying communication with representatives of their gender. At the same time, there are those who like to work in mixed groups. It is not uncommon for girls to play football, and for boys – to track fashion trends. Each person is an individually deserving freedom to develop in a preferred direction.

This issue becomes even more complicated if there are LGBT students in a class who want to dress, act and study in accordance with their inner gender. Their rights should be respected. Therefore, not all learners benefit from single-sex education.

3. Not all teachers are prepared for this system

As well as some students do not enjoy single-sex classes, there are teachers preferring to work in mixed environments. If a school administration decides to adopt all gender approach, these educators will have to change their work style, abandon proven techniques in favor of something unknown and undesired. Critics claim that this may affect the quality of education and lower some professors’ motivation to excel on their professional field.

4. There are many other ways to improve education

Modern pedagogical science offers countless approaches helping to improve learners’ academic performance. A single-sex classroom seems to be a rather outdated and even sexist method. What if schools will segregate students on racial or religious basis, take into account parents’ financial status? Opponents believe that educational system should promote equality, not draw the line between girls and boys.  

As you can see, there are weighty arguments both in favor and against single-sex education. It is hard to say whether it is bad or good. This issue will continue to remain controversial and divided. Therefore, schools should analyze all pros and cons, consult parents and students, make well-informed decisions on creating all gender classes. It is important to track children’s reaction, everyday behavior, ask about their emotions. This will help to minimize psychological harm which may be caused by a wrong choice and create the most comfortable learning conditions.

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