Show Yourself Some Love: How to Feel Confident in a Bathing Suit

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Bikini season has arrived! Who doesn’t love summer? Longer days, nights out, lounging around at the pool and sipping on your favorite drinks with your friends. What’s not to be excited about? While this season is definitely everyone’s favorite time of year, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its own drawbacks and downsides. It’s understandable why many women may be equally excited and scared for the summer season to roll around because spending a lot of time in a swimsuit or fewer clothes can bring up body image insecurities and lower self-esteem. 

And before you beat yourself up for having these feelings, let us tell you that women of all shapes and sizes have these insecurities and can feel scared of bikini season. In fact, studies show that women are more likely to feel insecure in a swimsuit than men are. 

But don’t sulk in this and start to dread wearing a cute bikini out in public. There are many ways where you can turn up your confidence and mute insecurities so that you can have a carefree and fun summer—and we would love to show you how. Apply these techniques to your morning routine or sprinkle them throughout your day to show yourself some love and to feel more confident in a bathing suit. 

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How to Feel Confident in a Bathing Suit

Whether you are ready for bikini season or you are feeling a little worried, these strategies will help you glow from the inside out. Confidence is key in every situation, which means if you feel good, you will look good! 

Fill Your Closet with Cute Swimwear

Our outfits and swimwear can drastically boost our mood, and that’s why we think you are in need of a shopping spree. With that being said, you can wear confidence-boosting boutique swimwear that makes you feel great and look even better. We believe this is the first step to feeling totally confident in your body this summer. 

Develop and Recite Positive Affirmations

When you slide on a bikini and look in the mirror, what are the first words or thoughts that come to mind? If they aren’t, “Damn, I’m hot,” then it sounds like you need some positive affirmations in your life. And now is the perfect time to start practicing them so you can make it a routine and make it stick. Positive affirmations are sayings or words that affirm who you want to be. For example, if you wanted to be more confident and carefree in a swimsuit, you could develop a positive affirmation like, “I love my body. My body is beautiful. I feel so confident and hot in swimsuits.” The point of positive affirmations is to rewrite the negative thoughts in your head and reframe them into positives. And science shows that positive affirmations work! Develop your list of positive affirmations and recite them into the mirror or to yourself. If you want to turn the energy up a notch, you can wear your favorite cute one-piece swimsuits as you look into the mirror and build yourself up! 

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Turn Your Swimsuit Into a Cute Outfit 

Swimsuit outfits are going to be a huge trend this summer, which means you will probably be spending a lot more time in a swimsuit than previous summers. But if you’re not totally comfortable just wearing a swimsuit, turn it into a cute outfit with beach cover ups and cute accessories. Chances are that you will be feeling like a total goddess and confident enough to remove your outer layers and reveal your gorgeous swimsuit. 

Know You’re Not Alone

Women of all shapes and sizes experience insecurities when they wear swimwear, as we mentioned above. But if everyone let that hold them back from going out and living their best lives during summer, beaches and pools would be empty. The next time you head to the beach or the pool and you’re afraid of being judged, remind yourself that others are more concerned with their own bodies than to worry about you. It’s a freeing feeling when you realize that your inner voice may be the only thing standing in the way of a fun summer. 

Get a Supportive Girl Squad

Sometimes, our friends can be our worst enemies when it comes to body image. If your friends are always talking about the diets they are on or how much they hate their stretch marks, assemble a body positive girl group that you go to the beach or the pool with. Having a supportive and encouraging circle will melt away any insecurities you have. 

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Follow Social Media Accounts That Make You Feel Good

We are always on social media scrolling through our feeds so it’s no surprise that what we consume on social media has an impact on our confidence. If you find yourself following girls who have perfectly Facetuned bodies and curated feeds and you find that you become hard on yourself because you don’t look like them, it’s time to mute them or unfollow their accounts. This summer, fill your social media feed with women from the body positive movement or women who have a body that more closely resembles yours. When you’re constantly comparing yourself to bodies that aren’t real, it can skew your perception of yourself. You can also enjoy this summer and take a social media break if you find that your favorite platforms have you feeling down on yourself. 

Take a Risk

Try something that you have always wanted to try, whether it’s wearing a two-piece or planning a fun vacation. When you take risks, your confidence skyrockets. Don’t be afraid to take style risks and push yourself outside of your comfort zone—especially when it comes to swimwear. As you start to build up confidence, these risks will be so much fun to take. 

We hope this is your first step of a carefree and fun summer. You deserve to love your body and feel confident–even in swimwear! 

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