School Uniforms Affect: Research by Experts

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When there comes the time to talk about fashion, the school uniforms debate unexpectedly makes it to the cohort of the hottest of topics to discuss. Recently, there has been a lot of verbal turmoil both in public and the private sector regarding the way the uniforms affect not only the lives of students but the world of fashion in general. Thus, this article will tell you what fashion icons and experts have to say when the topic of discussion is school uniforms.

Hides Individuality

One of the brightest fashion icons of the 21st century, a pop-music idol, Rihanna says that school uniform has been restricting her freedom and individuality. Therefore, she had to break the establishment’s dress code on a permanent basis as such a creative individuality could have not been hidden behind ordinary clothes.

It Has Nothing to Do with Education

Talking about an opinion coming from an expert, Emma Jacobs, one of the most popular fashion reviewers from The Guardian, claims that wearing a school uniform has nothing to do with getting educated. Having conducted some extensive school uniform research, she has come to the conclusion that uniform rather prevents students from learning than instills them with a desire to soak new knowledge in.

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There Is a Need for Further Research

While Mrs. Jacob’s primary statement was that uniforms were invented to put everyone in an equal position, there are some more points to be studied and added to the overall discussion of school uniforms. An expert research paper writer would have definitely mentioned in the essay that this special type of attire is capable of increasing security within the premises of the educational establishment. Indeed, it would have been much easier to identify a stranger who came to school to rob or even kill people if everyone wore a uniform. There is a need to write more about this topic as it has a great basis for the development of discourse.

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Kill Them with Kindness

A worldwide famous singer Selena Gomez also thinks that school uniforms are nothing else but a reminder of some Middle Ages. Nowadays, as the singer says, people are not a mass but individualities and there is no way that they must be covered in a uniform, as the very prefix “uni” in this word means that all people are the same which is not. However, it seems that young talent does not understand the unique benefits that those not unique clothes bring on.

Here are some reasons why school uniforms affect students positively:

  • They create equality as it often happens that not all children’s parents can afford to buy expensive clothes;
  • They do actually promote learning by creating the academic atmosphere;
  • They make the parents lives easier, as they do not have to worry about what their children should wear for school;


Those who state that a person’s individuality is being expressed through clothes and that school uniforms hide it do not actually understand that one’s attire has nothing to do with the creativeness of one’s mind and soul. When talking about how a school uniform limits one’s creativeness and the possibility to express oneself, may we all remember that school uniforms prevent crime, instill academic spirit, and set the right atmosphere for productive learning. Therefore, school uniforms are rather good than bad, regardless of what the fashion gurus have to say. Remember, it is better to be alive than fashionable.

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