Pregnancy Wardrobe Essentials That Are Worth the Splurge

Beautiful Pregnant Woman Black Dress Holding Belly

It wasn’t that long ago that celebrities hid from view for the duration of their pregnancy, only to miraculously reappear on the scene with a child a year later. In addition, how many of you can remember the tent-like frocks pictured onwomen in the 1980s? The intention was to disguise, but it led to some of the biggest pregnancy fashion disasters in recent history.

Thankfully, times have changed, and now women can gloriously show off their bountiful bump and keep up with the latest fashion trends. However, while you might be trying to cling onto your pre-pregnancy wardrobe favorites until they are literally about to burst at the seams, there comes a time when every pregnancy requires an apparel overhaul. However, this is the ideal time to treat yourself to a few pregnancy wardrobe essentials that are well worth the splurge.

Maternity specific clothing

With most maternity clothing, the focus is typically on function and comfort over fashion. However, the good news is that if you splurge on a few of these maternity-specific clothing items, then you can extend the longevity of your current dresses, sweaters, tops, and trousers.

Maternity leggings

Dresses start to creep up as your belly grows further out. Your favorite dress can swiftly turn into a stylish top by adding a pair of leggings. Once you find a pair you love, consider buying some in multiple colors to get you through the winter while being warm and stylish.

Belly Band

Some women swear by the belly band, whereas others inherited one and never used it. However, if you can’t imagine months without your favorite pair of jeans, then give it a try. This is best for pregnant women whom we envy as their thighs are as slim as ever before.

Model Pregnant Pink Lace Dress


Yes, it is possible to find maternity-specific gorgeous lingerie. If it makes you feel better, then go for it; however, we would rather err on comfort over fashion for our undergarments. Your bras and underpants are going to be needed in numerous sizes as your pregnancy develops and as you recover. Look for absorbent, breathable materials like cotton. 

Long term investment pieces during pregnancy

It is still possible to justify splurging on some pricier items of clothing while you are pregnant. It’s true; you won’t be this size or shape forever or for very long, but certain items will fit and make you feel fabulous for years to come. Check out a few of our suggestions below.


Beautiful scarves are timeless. If you have been coveting your grandmother’s Hermes scarf for decades as we have, then you know what we’re talking about. Scarves are also incredibly functional. They can completely alter the look of an outfit and be used for numerous purposes, such as a breastfeeding cover-up, light baby blanket, or absorbing dribble. From personal experience, they are also brilliant at covering up unexpected leakage marks on your tops. 

Pregnant Woman Long Sleeve Dress Couch Maternity Style


Certain dresses can be worn throughout your pregnancy and will look as fabulous long after you start chasing around a toddler. A well-cut dress can be a wardrobe staple throughout your pregnancy and for many years to come. Looser styles will accentuate your bump in all the right places and look equally chic long after you give birth. Look out for stretchy fabrics, flowing designs, and an A-line or empire waist style.

A-line Jacket

If you are pregnant in the winter, it can get incredibly chilly when none of your warmer outerwear fits. However, rather than piling on the layers or avoiding leaving the house, considerinvesting in a quality A-line jacket. This will look just as fabulous when you are about to pop as when you are back to your pre-baby figure. We recommend going bold while also finding a jacket that can easily be dressed up or down, since you will likely be wearing it a lot.


Cardigans are fantastic splurge pieces for retail therapy during pregnancy. Imagine soft, natural materials like cashmere, cotton, or wool that will last multiple seasons if well cared for. Since cardigans are easy to throw on top of almost any outfit, you will get plenty of use out of them. As your belly grows, you can simply undo the buttons one at a time. A plush cardi is also a functional breastfeeding wardrobe staple.

Cool Pregnant Woman Leather Jacket Sweatshirt Dress

Top Fashion Tips for New Moms

Below, we are about to give you some additional tidbits of information in the form of top fashion tips. Each tip is thanks to a personally awkward or embarrassing ordeal that we don’t want anyone to have to repeat.

Patterns are your friend

Solid colors are like giant arrows for stains, wet patches, and general spills. It’s a terrible fashion analogy, but once you have children, think of your clothing like a movie theatre carpet where patterns disguise a myriad of stains from unknown origins. 

Don’t forget your own change of clothes

As a new mom, your diaper bag will be filled with ointments, potions, lotions, and clothes for every eventuality and type of weather. Think of Mary Poppins, but with a much more updated fashion sense. Nevertheless, it is incredible how few parents consider their own need for a change of clothes. After a particularly excruciating long-haul flight and numerous held noses, trust us when we say that it is always worthwhile packing a little extra for yourself.

You won’t be in comfortable clothes forever

Don’t despair about opting for comfort for a while. It’s OK to want to wear sweatpants and tank tops for a few weeks, but it is equally alright if your inner fashionista feels the need to wear a little black dress around the house or your favorite dress for a trip to the local bodega. 

The journey to getting pregnant and the experience of being pregnant is unique for every woman. However, one thing unites all fashion-forward women, and that is when we look good, we feel better. Maternity clothes don’t have to be dull, and in fact, we recommend flaunting your new figure in splurge-worthy fashion finds that will go the distance.

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