Packing for a Holiday Getaway with Kids

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After a couple of years, during which the pandemic has virtually obliterated almost every mass tourism activity, 2022 has marked a significant recovery in terms of inflow in the most popular tourist resorts. In particular, the most remote destinations, like, for instance, the tropical ones, have returned to the global tourists’ itineraries, and many of them are now crowded with visitors like before 2020. 

As of today, Maldives, Thailand, and Singapore are the countries that have benefited the most from this bounce-back. For many tourists–especially those not confident with long trips and holidays in exotic locations–this has meant facing a bunch of issues never experienced before. 

Many travelers wonder about simple things like what to carry for an exotic holiday. The issues multiply when it comes to a family holiday, notably if the family includes young children with needs that must be considered carefully. For example, if you need to shop for kids swimwear, this may be a challenge due to the limited options in stores (in some of them, it is simply absent). 

The wrong beach kit for children can cause serious damage or, in the least severe of cases–an unpleasant experience for parents and their kids. Quite the opposite, if we have children and want to enjoy our tropical vacations, we must put our children in the conditions of enjoying a beach experience in total comfort and safety. And all of this starts with their outfits. So, here are the five essentials for them:

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1. Hypoallergenic Fabric Swimwear 

Kids’ skin can be highly delicate and shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight for any reason. The tropical sun can be harsh, especially for non-natives who are not used to it. That’s why using a maximum protection barrier cream, however extremely advisable, could not be enough. An appropriate swimsuit is essential for them to enjoy the sea and the sun correctly: make sure that the garment’s fabric can prevent any kind of allergy or skin irritation.

2. Sunglasses

Same story for what concerns our kids’ eyes. With an additional share of concern. Because if a child’s skin is delicate, their eyes are literally in danger if exposed to a violent natural (or artificial) light. For many adults, a pair of sunglasses gives more comfort than relief from the basking sun, not to mention the “coolness” that it implies in terms of look. But for a kid, it could be a real lifesaver.

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3. Cover-up

Since a swimsuit doesn’t cover the whole body, children need an extra garment to protect themselves when they’re out of the water (for instance, while they spend hours playing with sand on the beach). In particular, the back and shoulders must be protected with a light, possibly bright tissue that can reflect most sun rays.

4. Floatie

Another essential tool is to teach our kids how to swim. A floatie is not just a support to stay afloat: this is not its primary purpose. It is mainly a self-confidence enhancer that will lead young swimmers to get rid of their fears and learn how to wriggle among the waves as fast as possible.

5. Cap

Finally, protection for our kids’ heads, especially if they have to stay under the sun for many hours. A bucket hat or a baseball cap is the most advisable since they project a shadow on their eyes, providing them with extra protection.

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