Microblading, The Secret Of Perfect Eyebrows

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The microblading is a modern adaptation of “tebori“, a traditional Japanese manual tattoo technique in which the procedure is performed with needles and inks, without any machine intervention. From the purely decorative, it became aesthetic, making the creation and design of hair-to-hair eyebrows, also known as “shadow,” fashionable in the makeup industry.

Unlike the sometimes marked effects of permanent makeup and tattoos, microblading draws strokes that resemble the hairs on the face. It is done with a metal pen and a special needle that achieves a 3D design by depositing inorganic and hypoallergenic pigments in the epidermis. This technique is more cosmetic than micropigmentation and generates a more real and natural eyebrow appearance.

The microblading is ideal for people who have few eyebrows, white spaces, very thin, pale almost imperceptible, poorly shaved or very straight. With the technique trained in LV College, they can give the appropriate shape, texture, color, and curvature to the face, and highlight the eyes in a spectacular way.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a micro-pigmentation technique to define the shape of the eyebrow. It is unquestionably one of the most innovative procedures in the makeup industry. It consists of pigmentation in the epidermis and the “hair to hair” design to shape or fill areas.

It is a safe alternative, and the results are amazing. However, there are still people who have distrust and fear that the eyebrows are not good and that there is no going back. For this reason, we bring here everything you need to know about microblading. You can also learn more information about getting the best eyebrows at: https://beautyhill.com/best-concealers-for-eyebrows

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How does it work?

Microblading is a semi-permanent pigmentation on the skin. It is done with a disposable pen similar to a beveled scalpel. This tool is similar to the one used to perform tattoos or micropigmentation, which are the same techniques but with a more excellent permanence and with much thicker strokes. The microblading lasts about a year and a half.

To perform the microblading, a hyaluron pen or inductor is used, to which a device that has seventeen very fine needles is mounted. The pen used contains 14 very thin needles, as thin as a hair. Each area to be pigmented is reviewed three times. This is done with very fine strokes freehand, yes, always following the natural direction of the hair, because the goal is to be very natural at all times.

However, in addition to the technique and specialized tools to perform the microblading, an essential part for the result to be ideal is that an eyebrow design is performed, as well as some previous tests to determine the best tone and rule out any possible allergy or Chemical reaction.

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What is eyebrow design?

The eyebrow design allows you to determine which shape and color is ideal for each face. The current trend is that the eyebrows are thick, abundant, and very well defined, but without looking false or exaggerated. This style frames the features and looks very well, and with microblading, unlike pigmentation or tattooing, it is achieved naturally.

However, the shape of the eyebrows may not be the same for all people. The features, the color of skin and hair, the shape of the eyes and personal taste, are the elements that are taken into account to design the eyebrow. For this reason, many people are still afraid to try these techniques, as a poorly designed eyebrow can be fatal and very unsightly.

The eyebrow design is done before microblading. Face measurements are taken, and symmetry is sought. Finally, before starting the microblading on the eyebrow, it is shown by “painting” a previous design with makeup and the shape and final tones. For this reason, it is so necessary to go with experts to carry out this technique.

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What is the care during and after microblading?

Although it is a simple treatment, it requires certain care so that there are no complications. Microblading does not cause much pain. If anything, it compares to a hair removal process that causes some itching and irritation that happens quickly. However, before starting the process, an allergy test should be performed.

To this end, at the same time, the eyebrow design is performed; a small amount of pigment is applied. Wait 24 hours to confirm that the ink does not cause any strange reactions. If all goes well, move on. It is also likely to indicate that above moles or spots on the eyebrow are not pigmented for safety.

After the microblading, the eyebrow has to remain covered and spread a cream for healing. You should not reveal yourself to the sun for 5 to 10 days afterward and do not expose yourself to perfumes, alcohol, or makeup. It is also very important not to tear the scabs. So it is very important not to touch the eyebrows with dirty hands to avoid an infection.

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