Making Your Own Biltong – The New Trendy Protein Snack

Biltong Bowl Beef Snack

When it comes to making protein snacks for yourself, you’ve definitely got a few options to consider which is nice. There are plenty of choices to take a look at, but biltong is probably one of the best options out there. It’s rich and full of flavor which makes it a great choice for just about anyone who needs it. There are so many ways you can make your own biltong, so let’s take a look at what you need to know to make it a success. 

Beef Biltong Board Seasoned

What is Biltong?

So let’s kick this whole thing off by asking one very important question. What the heck is biltong? What does it do for your experiences when it comes to snacking? 

Well, biltong is a thin slice of meat which comes from South African areas like Botswana, Zimbabwe and other places. It’s often cured. The closest comparison from a taste perspective would be beef jerky, but they’re two different things entirely. 

See, beef jerky might well have been offered in similar contexts to people, mostly for the sake of improving the fortitude of travelers who were on long-distance treks, but the similarity stops right there and then with the nature walks. 

In regards to flavoring and curing the meat, beef jerky is a vastly different creature. See, back in the day, you would find that people used to cut meat up, salt it and then leave it – this preserved if and kept it edible for longer, ultimately, it was the European crowd which changed the game when they came as settlers. They introduced spices like pepper, cloves and coriander, which vastly altered the way that the meat was left to preserve, facilitating the changes that we know today. 

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So, How do You Make Biltong?

You probably want to know how to make biltong for yourself, which we can understand. That’s done in the same basic way of preserving your meat and drying it out to a point. For more specific recipes, you can click here, but outside of that, you’ll be best served experimenting with what’s on offer because there are more than one ways to do this. They all work just as well, of course, but ultimately, you do need to experiment if you’re going to see success. There isn’t a preset formula as such, which is why you need to take the time to see what’s on offer. 

Final Thoughts

So ultimately, when it comes to your experiences with biltong, you’ve got a lot of experimentation to do. But that’s part of the fun. Do you think that the first European settlers had it worked out immediately? No, they experimented and tried out new flavor combinations. That’s all you need to do is to just experiment and you’ll find what makes your unique experience a memorable one. It might take a little while but it’s worth it in the long run. After all, biltong is such a good and tasty snack food. 

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