Make Beauty Part of Your Self Care Routine

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When we feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside. The only way to achieve a glow is by looking after ourselves. Indeed, self-care isn’t just scented candles and massages, although these are nice. It isn’t entirely confronting inner demons and crying either. Self-care exists on a spectrum. It can be at one extreme or another, but the daily routines help you feel like you most of the time. 

The daily routines help keep you calm and constructive when confronting those inner demons or even the little things that bother you. Looking after yourself is vital for good mental and physical health. You can’t even look after your children properly if you haven’t taken care of yourself. 

Beauty routines don’t need to be high maintenance. Lumen Beaute is there regardless of whether you wear false nails or clear nail polish. 

Ditch the Bubble Baths

A good soak in a bubble bath surrounded by scented candles while soothing music plays is a great way to unwind after a busy week, but self-care needs to be a daily experience. Most people lack the time necessary for a daily bubble bath, but there is time for a shower. 

Don’t rush the shower. If going to the gym or working out at home is part of your routine, have a shower afterward. The rest of us can have one before getting ready for the day. A shower is more than a way to get clean. 

Taking time in the shower allows your mind time to refresh. Repetitive tasks, such as hair washing and exfoliating the skin, are meditative. When focused on an essential task, your mind is ignoring everything else. 

A clear mind makes dealing with any stresses, no matter how big or small, easier. The shower is an excellent place to dismiss all the tiny, non-important things that bother you. If your mind is cluttered with stuff that doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things, it can’t focus when something significant comes along. As you rinse the shower gel watch it fall down the drain with all the non-important stuff, like that guy that cut you off in traffic yesterday. 

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Dry, flaky skin isn’t just unsightly; scratching at it can give you an infection. If you’re already worn down from not looking after yourself, your immune system is down, making infection more likely. There’s a range of moisturizing creams, body butter, and oils available. Select based on your skin type. If you have stretch marks, Bio Oil can reduce their appearance when used daily. 

Manicures & Pedicures

Not everyone has the time or money to visit a nail salon every three weeks. For some, this may even be considered too high maintenance. Nail care is an integral part of looking after yourself. Apart from cracked and broken nails posing a safety hazard, they’re painful. Taking a few minutes every day to file your nails not only deals with cracks likely to catch on something, but it also makes them stronger. File nails using slow strokes. 

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Face Care

A spa day sounds nice, but if facials are out of your reach, they can be done at home to leave your skin smoother and brighter. Every day, twice per day, you need to wash your face. Throw out the wipes. Those are not good for your skin. 

Face care at the most basic; daily level needs to include a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Select all three products from the same brand based on your skin type. You might want different moisturizers from the same brand for morning and night. The toner is just as crucial as the cleanser and moisturizer. It removes residue and prepares the pores for the moisturizer. 

Once each week, maybe after that bubble bath, set aside time for a moisturizing mask. You’ll feel fresher and relaxed on the inside, and it’ll show on the outside. 

Hair Care

No one has time for a salon finish every other day. Treat yourself to a silk sleeping cap to keep your hair thick and frizz-free. Tossing and turning at night causes damage no matter your hair texture. 

Determine how many days per week your hair needs to be washed. This can be every day, once per week, or even every two weeks, or anything in between, depending on texture, length, and daily activities. Pick hair care products based on these as well. 

Hair cropped close to the scalp won’t want conditioner, but longer hair will want to be conditioned, shampooed, and conditioned again. A high-quality hair mask used once each week will help keep hair looking healthy. 

Self-care isn’t selfish. You can’t help anyone until you look after yourself. Self-care is less extensive activities but more the small things you can do every day. 

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