Learn About CBD for Women’s Health and Wellness

Learn About CBD for Women’s Health and Wellness
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There is a lot of information about CBD out there, both good and bad. Now you have questions about what CBD can actually help you with because everyone has different ideas on what CBD is good for. So how do you get the most benefits from CBD in your life for health and wellness. This article will give you a good overview of using CBD for women’s health and wellness, and how to find the best CBD products for you. 

CBD for Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety affect many of us on a daily basis. Everyone is unique and will respond to this stress and anxiety in different ways that depends on a person’s genetics, personality, brain chemistry, life events, and more. Everyone is at risk for developing anxiety, but women tend to develop anxiety disorders almost two times as often as men. This can frequently happen because women tend to be responsible for everything and everyone around them — significant other, children, pets, work, household chores — and they don’t have the time and energy to take care of themselves.  

Although the average person feels stress and anxiety, when it evolves into excessive unease, dread, nervousness, and worry, then it can negatively impact daily life. The world we live in can be crazy and it is next to impossible to completely avoid stress and anxiety, but symptom relief is possible — being active, meditation, and supplements or drugs can help with this relief. CBD can also be a great resource to reach for when looking to relieve symptoms of anxiety or stress.

A large number of medical studies and reviews are testing the potential for CBD to reduce stress and relieve anxiety symptoms. For example, CBD helps to reduce fear caused by public speaking. CBD will also aid in reducing an excessively active mind at night to help you get to sleep and rest easier. Overall, CBD can be a great choice when looking for relief from everyday stressors and anxiety. 

Learn About CBD for Women’s Health and Wellness
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CBD for Pain and Inflammation (including from Endometriosis)

Numerous individuals suffer with pain or soreness in their everyday lives, whether someone has sore joints and muscles after a strenuous workout or a bum knee from years past. The pain from this can be a detriment to your daily life and can keep you from getting the rest you need at night. CBD could be the perfect relief you need. CBD is thought to help with this everyday pain and inflammation, among other benefits.

More than 11% of women in the US are affected by Endometriosis. Endo Warriors must manage terrible abdominal cramps, pelvis and lower back pain, pain during intimacy, upset stomach, and more. Studies are now underway to see how CBD may help relieve these symptoms as well, indicating CBD might be a great choice for symptom relief. 

While the research is still in early days, CBD and its anti-inflammatory properties may be a good alternative to OTC medications and prescription drugs like opioids that have their own serious side effects.  

Learn About CBD for Women’s Health and Wellness
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CBD for Skin Health and Ailments

There is no denying the current CBD skincare boom. An outlook produced by Adroit Market Research suggests that the CBD skincare market will grow at 31.3% compound annual growth rate from 2019 to 2025, but why is the CBD significance for your skincare?  It is much more than just beauty. 

CBD tends to help with many skin conditions by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. A 2007 research study found that CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids can inhibit the overproduction of skin cells called keratinocytes (a common issues associated with psoriasis). The conclusion states that cannabinoids put the break on keratinocyte proliferation and has great potential in psoriasis treatment.

Another study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information in 2017 found that CBD modifies how the skin produces oils and can successfully reduce breakouts and reduce inflammation that accompanies acne. CBD will also behave as an antioxidant for overall skin health and anti-aging properties. Combining all these skin benefits, why aren’t you adding CBD to your skincare routine?

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CBD for PMS 

General benefits associated with CBD already mentioned can aid in relief from common PMS symptoms. According to Verified CBD, much of the pain you experience during your period is caused by contractions of the smooth muscle lining the uterus. This means that CBD can play a major role in relieving these painful cramps. It simply encourages the muscles in the abdomen to relax and stop contracting so aggressively. 

Other CBD benefits that may help with symptoms associated with PMS is using a topical product helping to fight acne that may become worse. And some women suffer with nausea and digestive issues, which CBD can also help ease. So, if you are someone who struggles around “that time of the month”, then CBD may give you the relief you need.

CBD for Sex

CBD has been integrated into numerous couples’ sex lives. Are these couple actually getting benefits or is CBD just snake oil for sex? CBD can definitely help many couples out! But how does CBD actually help the women in relationships? 

For some women sensual encounters can produce anxiety and stress, so CBD can reduce these feelings to relax you into a more passionate experience. For some women sex can be a somewhat painful experience and we know CBD can reduce pain and inflammation. For women without these worries CBD will still improve your sexual experience.

Your body has a receptor, called TRPA1, found in the clitoris. When activated this receptor causes an increase in nitric oxide. This in turn causes and increase in blood flow. And it just so happens that CBD can activate TRPA1 receptors, leading to increased blood flow and producing an enhanced sensitivity. Give CBD a shot in your sex life to find increased pleasure and satisfaction!

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CBD for Sleep

We all know how important a good night’s rest is for both mental and physical health. Whether you can’t get to sleep or wake up restless in the night the loss of sleep can be harmful for your general health and well-being. This includes diminished immune function, accelerated skin aging, poor mood, and more. This can be even more important for women because women report sleeping disorders about 33% higher than men

With numerous individuals having sleep issues and with the popularity of CBD many now wonder if CBD can help them get to sleep and stay asleep at night. Well CBD can help with sleep, but not like other medications and drugs. CBD is not similar to THC that produces a “high” leading to the usual sleepiness a short time later. CBD does not act like common sedatives, like Ambien, or over the counter medications designed for sleep, like melatonin.

CBD acts in a different way by reducing pain and anxiety that keep you from a good night’s rest. It could be sore joints from and old injury or age, or you had a hard workout and now sore, cramping muscles keep sleep out of reach. Or maybe you have trouble stopping the endless string of worrying thoughts. This is how CBD can alleviate anxiety and pain help you get the sleep you deserve.  

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