All You Need to Know about Pregnancy Massage by Viga Massage Services

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There’s nothing like a massage anytime, but if you are pregnant, just when you are really going to need a way to ease aches and pains, you could be asking if a massage is safe and if it has any benefits. There are, and here’s a few, just in case you need convincing you deserve a message now that you are pregnant.

What are the Benefits of Pregnancy Massage?

With a massage by a professional, you will reduce stress and enjoy the tranquility of relaxation. It will provide relief from muscle cramps and myofascial pain, especially in your neck, lower back and legs.

By increasing lymph and blood circulation, a pregnancy massage can help reduce swelling.  Since you will be gaining weight during pregnancy, it is normal to experience some pain in your weight-bearing joints. A pregnancy massage can reduce that pain and improve flexibility at the same time. These benefits and more can come from enjoying a pregnancy massage by a certified practitioner, such as those at Viga Massage Services.

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Who Can Benefit from Pregnancy Massage?

Massages can help anyone, but you may benefit significantly from massage therapy if you’re carrying twins or multiples. Some healthcare providers suggest you avoid going for massage therapy if you’re at an increased risk for preterm labor. Similarly, you may not be a good candidate for massage if you have clotting disorders or other serious ailments.

It is because of these conditions that a professional massage therapist may require a note from your doctor before your first pregnancy massage. However, it is worth mentioning problems are very rare during the first trimester. in fact, there isn’t any concrete evidence for massages being linked to an increased risk of miscarriage.

Can It Help You for Labor?

Yes, it can. Experts believe that when performed by an expert, massage therapy can be useful for labor. A therapist can also teach you techniques to perform by yourself. They will also teach massage techniques to your partner.  If you are receiving massage therapy in labor you will most likely notice some relief from pain.

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Is Postpartum Massage a Good Idea?

It certainly is. Postpartum massages will go a long way towards helping your body recover. Regular massage therapy will also help lower the stress of caring for a newborn.

You can receive a massage just 24 hours after a vaginal delivery and there is an abdominal massage that helps shrink the uterus. There is even the possibility that postpartum massages helps along internal healing and limits issues from subcutaneous scarring.

Carrying a child is not always easy and the idea of being a parent can be both exciting and stressful. It’s natural to want to do the right thing. When you are expecting, this includes plenty of resting and relaxing. It frees energy for growing baby. Could this be the benefit that convinces you that you really do need a soothing pregnancy massage? In short, a pregnancy massage helps you destress naturally to help prepare you physically and mentally for labor and birth.

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