The importance of Writing in Your Life

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The invention of writing and reading as a speech fixation system for transmitting it in space and time was one of the most important discoveries, which largely determined the progress of modern society. The main advantage of writing is that it allows you to overcome the time barrier, making it possible for people of different generations communicate, transfer their knowledge of the world to their descendants.

So, what is the importance of reading and writing? What do people mean when they say that reading and being able to speak their thoughts is useful? Why do many continue to read? Today the will discover this topic.

Despite tremendous achievements, scientific and technical progress in the field of accumulation, storage and transmission of information, mankind has not yet invented another system, equal to writing which is capable to fulfill these functions to the same extent.

What is writing? This is a form of communication, thanks to which people manage to express their thoughts and ideas, convey feelings and attitudes to something, convince through arguments, and all this with a pen and paper, if we are talking about handwriting, or through printed media, which is a particularly popular way of writing today.

What is the importance of writing and writing skills? Writing affects self-esteem, well-being, thinking, worldview. It significantly affects our brain, because by describing a situation, our brain works faster, concentrating, helping to memorize many of the norms. Writing down our thoughts, we help ourselves to structure them, clarifying the situation for ourselves, we begin to pay attention to the details.

It seems to be just a form of communication. However, at the same time, the need to write some text causes an attack of fear most people, similar to the fear of public speaking. Although it would seem that we all wrote essays at school, which means we should be able to do it. In fact, this is not so.

Few people know how to write well, and yet many of us will find reasons why we would like to improve our creative writing skills. Someone may want to learn how to write articles on a blog, someone is eager to become a copywriter and get paid for their work, and some are not even averse to trying their hand at writing a story or novel.

The difficulties we face when writing a text are not insurmountable. Necessary condition – the texts should be interesting to other people. Writing skills – a complex skill, consisting of many, more simple skills.

It turns out that reading and writing, writing skills, creative writing skills, handwriting skills are all interrelated concepts. Developing one thing – you develop another, and so on the chain. The importance of each of the concepts is also connected, so without developing one skill, it will not be possible to develop another skill.

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So what skills need to be developed to make your writing better?

First of all, it is important to read a lot. The importance of reading books is obvious, because it:

broadens a person’s outlook, enriches his/her inner world, makes him/her smarter and has a positive effect on memory;
increases a person’s vocabulary, contributes to developing clearer thinking, which makes it possible to formulate and express thoughts more clearly;
removes parasitic words from the lexicon;
makes us constantly think about what the author wanted to express, and this causes our convolutions to move faster.

Reading is important because it develops logical thinking. Analyzing what we read, we ask ourselves questions why a particular character acted in a certain way, think about how we would act in his/her place, how we would feel, imagine how one of our friends would act in this situation. Thus, we learn by examples to learn psychology.

In addition, books have a significant impact on our moral orientation and on our spiritual development. After reading a particular classic work, sometimes people start to change for the better.

Secondly, it is important to write a lot. This may be diary keeping or blogging. Each time, expressing your thoughts in writing by hand or on the monitor screen, you structure your thinking, develop it, improve mental activity, expand your vocabulary.

A special role in this process is played by writing and reading essays, reports, research papers, that is, academic writing. Writing and reading reports and essays on a particular topic encourages students to study various sources, analyze various ideas and attitudes, think through and formulate their own thoughts. All this means that these types of writing tasks, create and develop a link between text and thinking, which means that along with literacy, students develop the ability to assimilate, analyze and reproduce information. Thus, there is the implementation of basic educational goals in the learning process.

And finally, do not neglect the handwriting, because it plays an important role in the process of teaching a person to read and write.

When a person writes by hand, his/her brain’s ability to memorize improves as well as the level of understanding and understanding of what he/she is writing increases. At the same time, the creative abilities of a person are also developing – after all, handwriting activates brain processes much more strongly than typing on a keyboard on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

In handwriting, more related functions are involved – the power of imagination, creativity, spelling, and memory capabilities.

This leads to the fact that a handwritten story can be more creative, more revealed and emotionally rich than a keyboard type story, since the person writing by hand is more fully and more deeply absorbed in the thinking process.

In the process of writing, many areas of the human brain are activated at the same time – after all, the internal mechanism by which the brain processes handwritten is different from the mechanism for simply entering information on a computer.

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