The Importance of Wearing Comfortable Shoes

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We choose beauty over comfort quite often, especially when it comes to shoes. It is hard to refuse from pretty footwear, even if it makes us feel sore. Also, the quest to hunt for that perfect pair of shoes that are both comfy and good-looking seems to be impossible. Still, you should invest time and effort in looking for a good option. And here is why.

Discomfort in the feet can cause issues

If you treat your feet right, your whole body will feel good. And it’s not a myth. There are essential impact spots. Wearing uncomfortable footwear, you risk getting some serious issues with your health. One of the dangerous conditions you can experience is Morton’s neuroma – the thickening of the tissue around the nerve. Results are not pleasant – burning, sharp pain in the ball of the foot, and numbness and pain in toes. High-heeled or tight shoes usually cause the neuroma.

Bad footwear causes bad posture

If your legs hurt like hell, you can’t keep a straight back. And the main issue with the bad posture is not even that it looks unappealing. The curved spine causes problems with internal organs as they get less room to work properly. When viscera experience unusual pressure, they start dysfunctioning. Also, when you don’t keep a proper posture, certain groups of muscles suffer from the tension and cause a painful condition. So by wearing comfortable shoes, you make sure your whole body feels and functions well.

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One day your feet will decide it’s enough

Wearing, for example, high heels regularly over several years can cause lumps, bumps, and even curved toes. Also, such footwear causes severe deformations that may require extreme and prolonged treatment. Check this podiatrist recommended shoes for heel pain. So eventually, you won’t even be able to stick your feet into your favorite stiletto shoes. Those who already have any issues with feet should be especially attentive to their footwear.

Life is too short for living with discomfort

Try to count how many hours you spend walking and standing during the day. We bet it will be quite a significant number. Now, if you wear shoes that don’t fit you right, you make yourself experience discomfort during all these hours. Are beautiful heels worth it? We doubt that. Especially considering all the adverse effects, you can get overtime.

If you don’t feel well, if something is uncomfortable for you, it is impossible to be in a good mood and function properly. So what’s the point of wearing shoes that make you feel bad and, as a result – grumpy and unfocused?

Sure, we are not saying that you should never wear high heels or other kinds of pretty yet uncomfortable footwear. Just try to make episodes of wearing it an exception, not a routine. For example, if you work in an office, you can put more comfortable footwear once you arrive to work. There are a lot of beautiful shoes with medium or low heels that will make you look as great as the high-heeled pair does. And when it comes to men’s footwear, invest time in finding a comfortable and good-looking option.

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