The Importance of Different Bras For Different Occasions

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Every fully developed woman out there will tell you how essential bras are and how wearing the right one for the right occasion makes all of the difference. Where the piece of underwear used to be one size fits all, the landscape has changed so that there are different bras available for different occasions. Some of the ones that any woman who cares about her appearance and health should not be without are listed below.


Whilst working out your boobs move and bounce around in a range of different angles. As a result, if you exercise whilst wearing a bra that does not stop this from happening (i.e. a sports bra) then expect to have sore and tender breasts the very next day. With a sports bra, it has been specially designed to stop your boobs from moving around when exercising – although some certain sports require a different kind of bra. For example, when you are doing heavy lifting of weights in the gym, you need to wear a bra that provides a certain level of compression and encapsulation. With the right sports bra on, you can work out as hard as you like without the fear of paying for it the following day with breasts that hurt.

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Upon becoming pregnant, you will notice two things growing – your bump and your boobs. As the pregnancy progresses, the size and shape of your breasts will change considerably, with the growth of them being actually very rapid. As a result, the size of bra that you require will constantly change and be massively different to what it was before you became pregnant in the first place. This is why finding a maternity bra that is comfortable to wear and fits you well; after all, the last thing that any woman wants during pregnancy is to be any more uncomfortable than what she already is. For the best maternity bra follow the link. There are even some models that double up for use after birth when you are breast feeding your baby.

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Those women who have very large boobs will tell you just how much neck and back pain they experience as a result of their big bust. This pain is made even worse if your job has you sitting at a desk for long stretches at a time and so are unable to have a good posture. This is where a posture bra comes into play and can help massively. They are especially designed to provide all of the support that larger breasted women require in order to relieve back and neck pain, as well as tension. For those women who work in a more physical type of job that has them up on their feet all day picking stuff up and moving it, a posture bra will prevent them from slouching over. 

Whilst there are of course many other types of bras, these are some of the ones that can provide the most benefit in terms of health and comfort.

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