How to Verify If Your Silver is Real or Not

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There are several techniques antique appraisers use to detect fake silver. Here are some ways you can detect yours. 

There are a lot of people who prefer choosing silver over gold for a lot of reasons. It’s extremely attractive to look at and will instantly grab your attention. Most importantly, it’s affordable by the majority. 

These preferences vary from person to person. Even if silver is more affordable, there is a chance people might like how gold looks. However, many can’t afford the gold as it is very expensive. In that case, they can buy gold-plated silver. It looks like gold but is as affordable as silver. 

Silver makes it simple and uncomplicated to mix and match various accessories. While it is reasonably priced, it is also really stylish.

However, just because it’s affordable, don’t mistake silver as a metal that lacks value. It readily indicates that silver has value, or else it would be treated as any other metal out there. You can store it for thousands of years. Silver has a reliable track record of maintaining its purchasing power relative to other goods, services, and commodities. 

Silver is preferred over gold and platinum for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the reasons they chose it.

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It’s affordable- like discussed before, it costs far less than what gold or platinum would cost. And when you can’t afford gold, you can still go for gold-plated silver items. It’s affordable and stylish. What a smart choice! 

Way too many options- for silver items, there are way too many options you can choose from. Now isn’t that exciting? With limited options being offered, things can get a little boring. 

Unlike golds, silver is a comparatively inexpensive and soft metal. Designers explore this metal in order to create novel shapes and forms. Silver necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and rings are available. The range is extensive.

You could either wear a single piece or stack up a few to create a trendy look. Anything would look incredibly stylish, no matter what. 

Great durability- mixed silver with alloys is great for jewelry pieces, as they don’t break off like pure silver. Italian jewelry, such as silver jewelry pieces, is often made of sterling silver.

Italian silver jewelry is often simple, clean, and minimalist, which is precisely why it is so elegant and fashionable. Silver jewelry is simple to clean and repair, which means that the majority of jewelers have no difficulty fixing silver jewelry.

Sterling silver pieces are the most trendy these days. Now you might have questions such as, “What-is-925-sterling-silver?” We’ll get to that part pretty soon. 

It Doesn’t irritate your skin- metals like nickel and gold can cause allergies in a few people. Luckily, silver is hypoallergenic. It doesn’t cause any kind of skin irritation.

Individuals sensitive to other metals may safely wear silver items without experiencing rashes or allergic reactions.

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Sterling Silver and its Benefits 

When buying silver, people usually opt for either sterling silver or pure silver. However, a lot of people don’t know the exact differences between these two. 

They are not the same kind of metal. They are two unique materials with separate compositions, maintenance methods, lifespans, and costs. Sterling silver is truly a sight to see. It’s eye-catching and looks fantastic on flatware, pots, jewelry, and decorative elements.

Besides the attractive features of silver, the most important factor is that it should be hypoallergenic. This way, people with an allergy or sensitivity to other metals have to make sure that their jewelry is real silver if they want to wear it without a negative reaction. 

Sterling silver isn’t quite that pure compared to pure silver. Sterling silver is what’s known as a metal alloy. This means that sterling silver is a combination of metals instead of just one single metal. 

Sterling silver is made from a variety of metals. Sterling silver is substantially harder and stronger due to the addition of additional metals and alloys. This enables it to be utilized to create a variety of different objects.

• Jewelry

• Plates

• Silverware

• Platters

• Coffee Sets

• Silver-plated items

Silver-plated products are those that are made of some other metal but have a thin coating of stainless steel/silver “plated” on top.

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How to Determine if Your Silver Item is Real or Not

There are numerous ways in which you can determine if your silver is real or not. 

1. Take the Magnet Test

Just like gold and copper, silver is a non-magnetic metal. So this is an easy yet convenient way to figure out if your silver is authentic or not. If it has mixtures of other metals, it’ll be drawn towards the magnet. You can easily determine if your silver is authentic or not. 

Silver, in comparison to iron, nickel, and cobalt, has very modest magnetic properties. However, there may be a little attraction to the magnet, since even pure silver has some impurities. If the affinity is strong, the object is almost certainly not pure silver.

This is an easy test that can give you a good idea of whether your item is real silver or not.

2. Look for Authentic Hallmarks

Looking for hallmarks is easy. You just need to look for engraved logos or writings. Stamping a silver item means the silver is pure. The meaning behind stamping is the mark of the manufacturer or silversmith. Also, other markings indicate the date of manufacture and additional information about the piece. 

Silver will stamp silver as 925, 900, or 800. This indicates the purity percentage of silver. Sterling silver has a purity of 92.5 percent or higher. 

3. The Odor Test

Taking the odor test to check the authenticity of silver is also legit. It actually works. Sterling silver is odorless. But if you smell something, it’s probably the sulfur or a distinct metallic fragrance. Sterling silver doesn’t contain these elements. 

The item can also be silver-plated. However, the main concern is sterling silver having a smell, as it is not supposed to have any. This is a great test to conduct for those of us who have a strong sense of smell.

4. Take the Flake Test

This is one of the most convenient tests out there to check the authenticity of your silver. However, it is not really practical to do this test if you are in a store. Maybe when you are doing an experiment in the lab or at your own house.

Some items are silver-plated. When you scratch them, the silver comes off. After that, you can take those flakes and put them in acid to check whether they are fake. If the acid changes color, it indicates it’s not real. 

5. Doing the Polish Test

Polishing the silver item is a very good indicator of its authenticity. Real silver easily oxidizes, rusts, and gets black residue on it. After checking for stamps and markings and using the magnet trick, try the polishing technique. 

Rust or a lack of oxidation indicates that the item is made of a different material from silver. As previously stated, silver may get tarnished when exposed to air. Sterling silver, on the other hand, tarnishes more easily due to the alloy metals included inside.

Nickel, copper, and zinc are tarnish-prone metals. When they are combined with another tarnish-prone metal, such as silver, the tarnish process is accelerated and simplified.

6. Do the Ice Test on Your Silver

You just need ice cubes and your silver item to execute this experiment. First, you need to take an ice cube and put it on top of the silver item. Silver has the highest thermal conductivity of any common metal or alloy. 

At room temperature, it has the potential to dissolve ice. Genuine silver goods will rapidly melt the ice. If it melts quickly, it is most likely silver, not sterlings or a forgery.

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The Silver-lining of Purchasing Silver

As discussed, both pure and sterling silver has their own pros and cons. It is absolutely up to you which one you want to purchase. There is a chance your sterling silver will have a longer lifespan than the pure one. However, the value of pure metal remains unchanged forever. 

Deciding which is right for you in the sterling silver versus silver debate will depend on the item you want to purchase, your desired price range, and your personal preference. 

Both are beautiful in their own way and have their own unique aura. To the naked eyes, the difference isn’t as much. However, some people like buying authentic items. In that case, if you are unsure, you can try these tests to figure out the authenticity of your silver item before spending so much on them. 

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