How to Get the Best Photos on the Day of Your Wedding

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You’ve picked your flowers, purchased your attire, and set the date, but isn’t there something you’re missing? After your wedding has passed, your memories may not give you a perfect retelling of the best day of your life. But the right photographer and photos will do the trick!

6 Secrets to Get the Best Photos for Your Wedding

Whether it’s just a simple photo of a couple with their families and friends or a romantic image of their first kiss on a background of colorful wedding sparklers–wedding photos are always genuinely magical. Not only can they transport you back to another time, but they can also serve as a window to your rawest emotions.

Here’s how to take the best photos:

1. Develop a Relationship With Your Photographer

Your photographer isn’t the only person separating you from taking the best photos. If you’re not used to being in front of a camera, loosening up may take some time. It’s a good idea to meet with your photographer before your big day to see if you jive with them.

This meeting can allow you to review the photographer’s portfolio and the shots you want to take. If you want a specific style or location, discuss these details.

2. Consider How You Want to Display Your Photos

Sometimes it’s better to plan your event from start to finish. Other times, you should consider how everything comes together. You wouldn’t want to stuff your photos in a drawer or on the computer after you’re done with them, so capture the celebration with wedding photo albums.

By planning your album spreads, you can ensure that every shot fits together to tell a complete story. You can also be sure your album follows a theme and emotional feel.

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3. Create a Timeline and Know What You Want

This point piggybacks off of the last section, but when we mean “plan your album spreads,” we mean plan them. Have a timeline that includes the timespan, location, and number of shots. A word of advice: book more time than you need, so you aren’t rushing.

You must know what you want ahead of the wedding day. If you’re thinking of what you’re going to do, you won’t have enough time to do it.

4. Do a Few Test Shots and Engagement Photos

What looks good in the mirror may not look great in a photograph, and vice versa. For example, dark eyeliner can make your eyes look smaller on the lens, and a shiny face creates too much exposure. For these reasons, you should take a few test shots when you’re all done up.

Once you find a setup that works, move outside and experiment with natural light. Take this chance to shoot engagement photos; you’ll have samples to work with before the wedding.

5. Get Two Photographers with Multiple Different Angles

Instead of hiring one photographer and hoping for the perfect shot, hire two. Not only will you be able to shoot more photos, but you’ll have more angles of crucial wedding moments. This makes it less likely that the photographer can’t get a good shot or misses those extraordinary moments.

It would be best if you established a no-cell phone policy for your wedding. Too many wedding photos have been ruined because someone pulled out their phone in front of the photographer’s camera.

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6. Trust Your Photographer and Have a Good Time

Your wedding day goes by so quickly. It would be a shame if you spent the whole day stressing over the perfect angle. You hired an experienced photographer because you trust them, so be confident they can do their job. Let them get creative with a few of your photos.

The best advice we can give is to pretend the photographer isn’t there. Resist the urge to look at the camera or strike a pose unless directed, especially during the ceremony.

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