Here’s How You Can Take Care of Your Leather Handbag Like a Pro!

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When we usually talk about taking care of our possessions, our leather handbags mostly fall under the radar. Though it’s hard to imagine that they would need any sort of maintenance, wear and tear will definitely show up in the long run, if you don’t take proper care of it. A leather handbag (or a few of them) is a must have accessory in a women’s wardrobe, and you ladies couldn’t agree more. But, the high quality of our leather handbags requires you to undertake certain special methods of cleaning and care.

Just like any other natural material, leather survives on love and attention. Caring for a leather bag can be quite tricky. A leather handbag is the product of great hide and centuries-old skills of artisans. As such is the case, these bags require the utmost care. When it comes to care, leather handbag owners are mostly concerned about the cleaning, conditioning and storage of the bag. So, here we are talking you through the maintenance tips provided by one of the leading suppliers of exquisite leather handbags in Perth. Elle et Lui is one of the best high-street, fashionable boutiques that you could get your handbags and shoes from. They host a wide collection of exclusive shoes for both men and women, along with stunning bags, which add glory to the buyer’s wardrobe.

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 Tips to take care of your leather handbags:

Now, we all know there’s no such thing for women as owning too many handbags. There are millions of women who love and care for their handbags more than their lives. Just like premium women’s shoes in Melbourne or anywhere else, a designer leather handbag is a great investment and will return immense value, even in the form of vintage fashion down the line. However, you would need to keep it looking as good as new, and this is true even if you don’t want to sell it. So, follow these steps to keep your leather handbag looking as pristine as possible forever:

o   Clean: You should make sure to always handle your leather handbag with clean, clear hands, as these bags are highly susceptible to absorbing grease, dirt and oil. Every now and then, you should briskly swipe your leather handbag with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth. Avoid using too much water, as leather takes time to dry. Twice a year, clean your leather bag thoroughly with a cleaner that’s specially curated for leather. Use this with a piece of cloth and wipe in circular motions.

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o   Condition: Leather conditioner for your bag serves the same role as a moisturizer does for your skin. Without it, your leather handbag will dry out over the years. To prevent your bag from flaking and wrinkling, you should use a soft piece of cloth to apply the leather conditioner all over your bag. Depending on the dry or humid climate of where you live, apply this conditioner at least 2-3 times a year. This will help to keep your bag soft and supple.

o   Store: And finally, comes the storing part. You should ensure to store your leather bag in bubble wrap or parchment paper to help it hold its shape. Avoid keeping it wrapped in newspaper as that will smear it, damaging its shape. You should place your handbag in a dust bag and then in its original box, along with silica gel packets (which will prevent dampness). You should also ensure to air your leather handbag every two weeks, in order to avoid mould growth.

So, yes, this is how a leather handbag should be taken care of. Though others, (including your husband) may think and say that it’s just a bag, we know otherwise, right? A leather handbag is nothing less than a product of art and fine craftsmanship. And we should be honouring the craftsmen by taking proper care of their craft.

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