How to Define Your Fashion Statement in Written Form

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

It is important to dress for yourself and your personality. For fashionistas, a wardrobe is a way to express mood, individuality and creativity. Assuming that you have a good eye for clothing (or even just a unique one!), expressing your sense of self through your clothing is relatively easy.

Bold colors, bright patterns and a diverse selection of fabrics and materials help you to ensure that your attire reflects you as an individual. However, what happens if you want to express your fashion sense and make a particular fashion statement through writing? Many college students opt to take on fashion degrees at university because they want to inspire creativity in other people’s wardrobes, however they find it difficult to write essays and assignments that convey their message.

It may sound straightforward enough – the notion that you can simply describe your fashion statement, what it looks like, the fabrics it utilises and how it makes you feel; however let’s be honest, writing is a completely different creative skill to the design and artistic expression skill set that are used when sourcing clothes and putting ensembles together. When it comes to expressing something in written form, oftentimes it is the case that you either have good writing skills or you do not. If you are not confident that you can easily write an inspiring, beautifully written piece about fashion that will wow the professors on your fashion course then fear not, we have a number of tricks up our sleeves that you can try.

5 Ways to Define Your Fashion Statement in Written Form

#1 Give Relatable Examples

Most people interested in fashion have at least a basic understanding of the works of various different designers and fashion houses. For example, they may not shop at Ted Baker, but they are aware of the floral prints and delicate colors that the brand uses. Similarly they may not buy Louboutins but they know that the brand is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Use relatable examples when describing your fashion statement. For example, instead of describing your skirt as “a light pink flowered skirt”, describe it as “a light pink flowered skirt in the style of Ted Baker”. This helps set a clear picture in the mind of your professor and others reviewing your essay. This way, they will know that you have a good eye for fashion in order to make a career out of it post-college. This also helps to convey that you have both understood the material that has been taught, and gone the extra mile to explore various designers and pieces outside of seminars and lectures.

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

#2 Utilise the Work of a Professional

If you have tried to define your fashion statement in written form for your college assignment and you are having a hard time doing so, don’t beat yourself up about it! As discussed, having an eye for fashion and having writing abilities are two completely different skill sets. Instead of getting stressed, tearing your hair out and wasting your time trying to do something that you find challenging, consider hiring a professional essay writer to assist you.

When you identify the best paper writing service like EssayPro, you can work with someone who is experienced in your field. In this case, someone who is experienced with writing about fashion and can understand what you are trying to achieve. Work is turned around quickly, and you can provide the writer with as many or as few guidance notes as you like. Chances are that this person has studied a fashion degree at college also or at least has worked with other fashion students like you in the past. As a consequence, they know precisely what your professor is looking for and how to help you get good grades.

#3 Use Attractive Visuals

Depending on where your written overview of a fashion statement is going to be submitted/published, visuals may or may not be appropriate. Since fashion is as much of an expression of art as any other contemporary or traditional artwork, it makes sense to include images. Often, images are acceptable even in fashion college assignments (check with your professor beforehand).

So how can images help you here? Images set the scene and really help your audience to understand the message you are trying to convey. Sure, describing the outfit using a bunch of adjectives is great, but fashion is a very visual field.

For example, maybe your fashion statement is bold animal prints, vivid colors and eccentric cuts. You can describe that with adjectives, sure, however the same type of intended style can look either classy or trashy depending on its application. Animal prints in the style of Roberto Cavalli or Emilio Pucci are very glam. Animal prints in the style of a budget brand? Not necessarily so. Images of catwalks and various interpretations of the style help get your message across and help your Professor understand the specific area of fashion that you are referring to.

#4  Speak About Moods and Influences

Set the scene for the particular fashion statement – what was the source of inspiration for the look? Where do you see this being worn and what atmosphere does it suit? You may be discussing a tailored ecru jacket that you believe should be worn with jeans and a hat hipster style. Setting a scene such as for example, encouraging the person marking your assignment to imagine themselves sitting in a coffee shop in Northern Italy, sipping coffee and wearing this jacket gives them an understanding and appreciation of how the piece looks and its style. This is altogether different than say, describing the jacket as being worn at the office which makes it sound corporate looking and less chic.

Through using descriptive words and discussing artistic inspiration, your lecturer will see that you understand the creative process undertaken by Designers and others working in the fashion industry.

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

#5 Go Into Detail with the Description

Go into detail when you talk about the look. A lot of detail. As a matter of fact, try and think about an incredibly detailed description that you once read about something and then magnify that by five. You need to use a lot of adjectives to give the person reviewing your fashion essay an idea of what you are trying to convey. You also need to describe every aspect – from the color palette, to the fabric and the cut.

Don’t ever say something basic like “the grey jacket and the pink shirt”. That sounds so drab. There are umpteen million variations on what that combination could actually look like in practice depending on the specific shades of grey and pink, the tailoring and so on. Be thorough and try to give the reader as much information as possible about the look.

At the end of the day, being a fashion student is about having an eye for what looks good and what is on trend. College is stressful enough as it is so don’t give yourself a hard time if you are someone who panics every time written assignments are handed out.

Arguably the best approach when writing something is to just write what you feel and describe it as best you can. At least that way you get the words and ideas out, then if it sounds garbled and waffled then you can backtrack and make changes afterwards so that it becomes more legible.

If you really feel that writing about fashion is your weak point however, then do not hesitate to contact a writing pro. That way you can really concentrate on your strengths and you don’t waste any amount of time being unproductive. Professional essay writers can actually help you with your fashion studies also. After you review what they have written and you understand how they have structured your college assignment, you will have a better understanding for the next time.

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