How to Choose the Best Classic Shoes for Women?

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Choosing the right classic shoes or boots is not an easy task. Pay attention to models, colors, brands, and quality but also how the shoes fit. In this article, we will give you some advice on how to choose the most comfortable shoes.

Why are some shoes more comfortable than others?

How to choose comfortable shoes? The criterion “convenient – inconvenient” is individual, but pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Heel height;
  2. Stability;
  3. The quality and strength of the instep support;
  4. Features of the pads.

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How to choose a size of shoes? 

The right shoes should fit snugly around the back of your foot and heel. If they dangle a little in this area, and the heel moves a little back and forth, then calluses may appear on it soon. If the shoes are equipped with laces, pull them tight when trying on – sometimes the shoes dangle in the heel area due to the fact that the laces are too loose. In the case of loafers, take the rear fit of the shoe especially seriously as it will not be possible to adjust the fit with the laces.

The amount of free space in the front of the shoes should be reasonable – usually 1-3 centimeters. Keep in mind that in the case of classic shoes, the toes are slightly off the edge of the boot. Do not try to push your foot as far as possible and stick your toe between your heel and the back of the boot. It is sometimes possible to do this even with shoes that fit well.

In addition, the best shoes “hug” the feet tightly on the sides and back. A snug fit without pronounced discomfort is a plus, not a minus (contrary to popular belief). It’s great if you can wiggle your toes because your toes don’t have to be pinched. And one more nuance: the widest point of the boot should roughly correspond to the widest part of your foot.

Comfortable heels

Pay attention to the heel, if any. The heel should be in the center of the heel and the weight should be evenly distributed over the foot. Lower your foot in the shoe to the floor with your whole foot and move your toe gently forward. If at the same time the heel goes back and does not stand firmly in place, these shoes will definitely not work for you.

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Classic shoe color

Color is one of the most important selection factors. Must have – a pair of neutral colors and boat shape. Beige and black shoes are suitable for everything, bright models will be an accent in an evening, everyday look.

When choosing a color, you need to make a choice:

  • Shoes will only complement the image – then choose neutral, nude, and pastel colors.
  • A pair of shoes will be the accent in your outfit – choose bright colors maybe even acidic ones.

Here are some tips for matching classic shoes with your clothes:

  1. The pair is chosen a little darker than the clothes when it comes to monochrome look;
  2. You can choose bright or nude shoes for a black dress;
  3. A white dress is combined with pastel or bright shoes;
  4. The color of the pair does not necessarily follow the clothes, contrasts look impressive, modern designers also abandon the idea of ​​combining accessories and shoes of the same color;
  5. If the dress is richly decorated with beads, sequins, prints, choose shoes without decor.
  6. The shape of shoes often depends on the fashion. Square and round shoes, which periodically hit the trend, are also great options.

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