How Casinos Have Influenced The World Of Fashion

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You might be surprised to hear it, but when you are deciding to visit a land-based casino, one of your biggest concerns might not be the amount of money that you plan on spending or the games that you plan on playing, but it might be what you are going to wear. You might spend a bigger portion of your time planning out your wardrobe than you do your gambling strategy. This simply makes one question what the world of gambling has come to. That being said, casinos are considered high-end establishments and they have to act in accordance. One of the ways they do this is by implementing dress codes. While they might not be the most stringent dress codes in the world, they are enough to make an impact on the fashion industry. How have casinos swayed the fashion industry over the years?

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Setting New Trends

The word “trend” itself is nothing new in the fashion world. Trends simply come and go all the time. Some last longer than others, some make more of an impact, and some simply take the world by storm. None of this really matters. What really matters is the type of trend that is set. For instance, in land-based casinos, the female’s outfit became shorter while the male counterpart’s outfits became more and more compact. Females started donning short skirts, while men started supporting narrowly fit suit. This was something that the fashion industry immediately picked up on and started implementing into their designs. You’ll see these inspirations in many of today’s top designers.

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Creative Collections

Whether you like to gamble online with quality casinos like judi online or you find yourself in land-based casinos every day of the week, you likely know that the casino world is anything if not creative. Just look at what they have done with some of the traditional card games. The industry took traditional card games like poker and blackjack and put new and exciting twists on them. Well, they did the exact same things in the world of fashion. Just look at the Moschino fashion brand. Highly known today for their forward-thinking abilities, with some of their current collection containing everything from teddy bear-inspired design to draped Christmas lights. There are even some ensembles that evoke the designs of the McDonald’s arches.

Neon-Inspired Designs

Casinos are also known for being bright, flashy, and neon. It is just one of these trademarks and likely will be until the end of time. Well, they’ve also been known to incorporate these bright colors and fashions into their clothing designs as well. Just look at some of the latest casino fashion shows. There was one that even made headlines in the Fashion Festival. Models like Miranda Kerr, Hailey Baldwin, and Stella Maxwell put on their neon getups and braced the walkway. Their looks were not only meshed with the lights of the runways, but they meshed with the lights from the games as well as the lights that decorate the Vegas strip itself. With colors and designs from orange flames to suits in sequins, these models made quite the impact.

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