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Chronic acne is exhausting to deal with. You try to hide it underneath your makeup, hoping that the foundation and colour-corrector hide the signs of fresh breakouts and old scars. All you want is to have clear skin without any help from the contents of your makeup bag. What you need to do is try laser therapy.

Laser Therapy?

If you’re tired of dealing with chronic acne, you need to go to a place like Baywood Laser skin clinic for laser acne removal — they also offer laser for acne scars. The method is a safe and effective way to treat your chronic skin condition. The medical professionals will use the Smoothbeam Laser or the VBeam Laser, depending on your needs.

Reducing Breakouts

The Smoothbeam Laser is great for reducing the severity of acne breakouts. Through gentle light pulses, the laser heats up and cools down the sebaceous glands — these are the root causes of your breakouts. The method damages the glands, stopping them from creating more acne in the future. A patient typically requires four to five sessions to see ideal results.

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Smoothing Scars

The Smoothbeam laser also stimulates the skin’s natural production of collagen. Essentially, collagen is the protein that makes your skin look young, full and smooth. It diminishes as you age. The exposure to free radicals like smoking and UV light can also speed up the breakdown of collagen in the body, which is why people who smoke cigarettes and avoid sun protection tend to have accelerated signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration on their face.

Increasing collagen will do more than make your face look fresher and younger. It will help to reduce the appearance of long-lasting acne scars. The Smoothbeam laser penetrates the deep layers of the skin and encourages more collagen, which causes the scarred area to rise closer to the surface. Eventually, the scars fill up and the face looks smoother than before.

The method only works with mild to moderate scarring. These are the types of acne scars that laser treatment can target and improve:

  • Boxcar scars
  • Ice pick scars
  • Rolling scars
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Tackling Discolouration

If you have lasting redness from your breakouts, you could benefit from several sessions of the VBeam Laser. The laser targets the inflamed and broken blood vessel groupings in your face that cause lingering redness and scarring. It heats up the vessels so that they coagulate and close before getting absorbed into the body.

Over several sessions, a patient’s complexion can clear up and the redness can dramatically fade. They won’t have to worry about their pimples standing out under layers of foundation and powder.

The method is incredibly helpful for other skin conditions that cause discolouration. If you’re dealing with rosacea flareups or facial port-wine stains, this could be your best bet for treatment.   

Clear skin isn’t out of reach. Anyone who has been living with chronic acne, lasting scars and embarrassing redness can find relief with the help of laser therapy. In just a few appointments, your complexion could be radically different. 

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