Health Problems That Can Interfere With Having Great Skin

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For young and old alike, having great skin it’s something that we all desire. Whether we want to turn back the clock, keep acne at bay, or eradicate skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, everybody wants clear, clean, and vibrant skin that we can show off.

Unfortunately, there are some health conditions that can interfere with our ability to maintain vibrant and healthy skin. Some of these conditions we may know about, while others are underlying and threaten our long-term health. Identifying the cause of these conditions and working to correct them will not only improve our health, but it will improve our skin. Here are some of the conditions that can affect the health of our skin, and what we can do to prevent further skin degeneration.


Cancer manifests on the skin in many ways. Your skin can manifest moles or raised bumps that darken over time, or it can develop dry, scaly patches that are very itchy and uncomfortable. Non-healing bumps and bruises that refuse to improve, or black and brown streaks under the nails are all an indicator that you may be developing cancer. Perform frequent self-checks of all areas of your skin, as well as see your doctor for a thorough analysis of your skin health to prevent cancer from forming.

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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis is a disease of the liver, and it shows up pretty quickly on your skin if not attended to. Your liver is a powerful detoxifier of the body, and if it gets overloaded by toxins and other pollutants, it can show up as a raised, red rash resembling blisters all over your skin. If you see a rash like this develop on your wrists, the backs of your legs, and in the crook of your elbows, it’s time to see your doctor for a liver test.


Leg plaque, or distinctive red patches of skin that are surrounded by gold skin, is a definitive sign of diabetes. Getting to your doctor for a thorough examination, as well as purchasing a home a1C test kit to monitor blood sugar, will give you valuable insight into what your body is doing and how you can take action to correct any blood sugar imbalances and tendencies toward diabetes that you may have. Healthy blood sugar balance is a critical component in creating long term health and wellness; eat clean, fresh, healthy foods that are naturally low in sugar and simple carbohydrates, and you’ll be on the way to correcting any imbalances that you have.

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Acne is an unsightly skin condition where red, raised bumps appear on the skin; this is indicative of excess oil production that clogs pores and hair follicles, causing an infection to flare up. Acne is most often a sign of hormonal imbalances, and this is why it’s predominantly found in our teenage population when those hormones start raging. While hormone surges and growth spurts are normal during puberty, excess hormone surges into adulthood are not considered normal; if your acne persists past your early twenties, you may want to have a conversation with your doctor about hormone balance, diet, and other aspects of your lifestyle that may need to be changed in order for your skin to return to its normal, healthy state.

“Orange peel skin”

The appearance of flesh-colored, orange peel skin on your body< is an indication that you have a rare genetic disorder called tuberous sclerosis that can cause the growth of benign tumors in the brain. Even though they are benign, they still have the ability to interfere with normal neurological processes, causing nervous system imbalances, problems with coordination, and even cognitive development. See your doctor immediately if you develop these peel-like patches, most commonly found on the trunk of your body.

Your skin is a marvelous organ; it protects you from the outside world, it acts as a detoxifying filter through which all sorts of toxins can leave your body, and it can also alert you to the presence of internal health conditions that are brewing. Care for and pay attention to your skin, and it will in turn take care of you.

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