Hacks to Great Hair & Nails When There’s Not Enough Time in the Day

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When it comes to balancing a busy lifestyle with looking after yourself, the struggle is very real indeed. Work is hectic, the traffic is bad, the kids are exhausting – who has time to take care of their hair and nails? It’s hard enough finding time to have a coffee in the mornings or making sure the kids packed lunches are done.

But looking after your appearance shouldn’t be thrown by the wayside just because you lead a busy life. Although it can seem like an impossible balancing act, there are tips and tricks to make it not just possible, but easy to implement into your daily life. Magic? Well no, but not far off! Take a look at these hacks which are designed to make your life easier and your appearance better…

Get your beauty products from the food aisles

Shop smart! Once you have a little research under your belt, you can tie in your beauty shopping with the food shop. Not just because it saves time and effort, but because there are incredible properties in some foods which are entirely overlooked by the beauty industry. It’s better for them if you spend a fortune on expensive products for good skin and hair, but did you know you can get better results from natural treatments?

For example, get yourself some coconut oil next time you’re in the supermarket. You’ll usually find this in the world foods section (they might also sell it in the cosmetics section, but guess what? It’s probably more expensive there). You can use coconut oil as a superb hair mask, which works miles better than any of the pricey hair oils you can buy. Also, rub it into dry skin patches or around the eyes before you go to sleep. You will always need to wash it off afterwards, of course, but it leaves behind a radiant, healthy look which you just wouldn’t get from high end creams. And moisturized hands are also great way to maintain your manicure. Think of it as an alternative nail treatment.

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Another thing to put on your shopping list is avocado. Smash this up with a little bit of honey and use it as a simple, five minute face mask before bedtime. It takes two minutes to mash together and apply, and works really quickly to give you really healthy looking skin. Avocados cost around 80p from the average supermarket, which is a noticeable drop from spending £7-15 on a ready made, branded face mask.

Turn your bedroom into a chill zone

So many people spend time in their bedrooms on their laptops, even going through emails or planning the next day. Research actually suggests that this can directly affect the amount of sleep you get, which in turn affects your body’s ability to renew cells. The end result is tired skin and hair, with other physical knock-on effects. The less sleep you get, the more run down you will become, and the more this has an impact on your body. Try turning your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary that you use only for sleep, meditation or relaxing in. This will train your brain to associate that space with rest, which will help you to get more of the good stuff once you are in there!

Get the right supplements for hair, skin and nails

The number one secret for super busy women who happen to look good (they’re not actually witches, though we understand how you may think that), is to take the right type of supplement. By “right” it means not just going for any old thing that you spot in the supermarket, but to opt for companies that are famous for their quality, like Vitabiotics Perfectil. They work to offer great radiance, so that you don’t have to put any work in at all! Well, apart from remembering to take them. But that’s not a major activity in the grand scheme of things.

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