Getting it Right: The A-Z of Running Shoes

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It goes without question that shoes make our lives easier. They cover our feet and prevent them from external elements that seek to harm us. They reduce the pressure on our legs as we move and provide support and stability to ensure that we do our daily activities without a hitch.

Making a Choice

However, buying shoes can be tricky. There happen to be thousands of styles to choose from, and each pair of shoes is designed to fulfill a certain purpose. Stores like Nike stores have a huge collection of shoes that can make you feel overwhelmed if you go in without a plan or with no idea of what best suits your needs. The worst part is, you might end up disappointed.

Your choice of shoes can go a long way in maintaining the health of your feet, and find out some tips that can help you decide your next buy.

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Dial down on the options

Hundreds of walking and running shoes are released into the market regularly. The technology and materials used to make shoes are changing. Each shoe has its unique design and function; the availability of options makes shoe shopping a bit overwhelming.

Before you get your next pair of athletic shoes, you need to decide what purpose they will serve. Are you going hiking? Do you intend to run a marathon next week? Do you need a pair for running errands or going to the gym? Your daily activities or special event would determine which shoe you pick. When walking, your feet maintain more prolonged contact with the ground, but the movement doesn’t exert a lot of pressure on your legs. Running, on the other hand, can require you to move fast. When running, you maintain little contact with the ground, and the activity puts some pressure on your legs.

That’s why running shoes are usually lighter and designed to have enough padding on the soles to absorb the shock from such an intense activity. Walking shoes are typically much heavier, with less cushioning on the sole. Having a clear image of the function or usage of the shoes will guide you to the best match for you on your next trip to Nike stores in AU. Deciding on the purpose your shoes serve is not the only requirement when shoe shopping. It does help to narrow down your options.

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Focus on the Function

There may be some pressure on you to buy a pair of shoes because they look great and would pair well with an outfit you have in the closet. Having friends with you could also be a source of pressure to pick shoes that are not the best for you.

When it comes to shoes, focus more on the feel and function of the shoe. Get your feet measured in the store and choose a pair that’s your perfect size or a size further up if you don’t want it to be snug. Walk around with it for a moment and picture yourself doing the activity you have in mind. For instance, when going hiking, you would want your shoes to have a thick sole with enough padding and cushioning for the rocky terrain. If the shoes don’t match the image in mind, they may not be what you are looking for at the moment.


It’s advisable to go at the end of the day when your feet are swollen. This will help you avoid getting tight shoes that cause you discomfort. If you need more direction, talk with the shoe consultant nearest to you. These individuals have been trained to answer your most pressing questions. Plus, they have a better idea of what is in stock that might just be what you are looking for right now.

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