Fashionable Eyewear: How to Prolong the Life of Your Shades

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Sunglasses can be statement pieces, but they are also necessary accessories because they shield the face from the sun’s harmful rays. Investing in a high-quality pair of shades that offers proper UV protection is a smart choice. However, such eyewear pieces tend to be costly and, let’s face it, most sunglasses are susceptible to wear and tear. For that reason, learning how to take good care of yours is important. There are plenty of easy and affordable ways to keep your favorite sunnies in great condition and thus hold onto them a little bit longer.

Replace Your Lenses

This option is eco-friendly because it allows you to make the most out of your sunglasses instead of throwing them away once they start looking shabby. Since lenses can get scratched, smudged, cracked, or otherwise damaged, purchasing a pair of quality replacement lenses is a wonderful way to bring the sunnies you love back to life. Luckily, there are a number of companies that specialize in premium optically engineered replacement lenses for designer frames.

If you decide on this solution, you’ll need to take a few steps before placing an order. First, you’ll need to look for the model number of the lenses on the frame of your shades. Usually, this piece of information can be found on the inside of one of the temple pieces (the arms) of your sunglasses. Model numbers consist of both letters and numbers. In case you’re not sure, this piece of information is important because it will help you find the perfect match for the lenses currently in your sunnies.

Aside from the model number, you may also need to check the color code and the size of the lenses. The color code of the lenses is written next to the model number, whereas the lens size can be found on the bridge of the frame. The former can have one (for the lens color) or two numbers (one for the color of the lenses and one for the color of the frame), whereas the latter is normally expressed in millimeters or centimeters. If you fear that you might not do this part successfully, consider consulting with the company of your choice. Opting for an online replacement lens retailer can save you time because these companies have accessible and easy-to-search databases.

In case you can’t find the model number of your lenses, you’ll be glad to learn that some retailers offer custom service. This means that you’ll be able to order a pair of custom-made sunglass lenses, but you’ll have to mail your shades in.

When it comes to styles and features, choose wisely. If, for example, you suffer from headaches, keep in mind that light can trigger or worsen your migraine attacks, which is precisely why you might want to go for a pair of polarized lenses. The built-in polarization film reflects light that comes from the top and bottom of the lens. This means that polarised lenses prevent or significantly reduce glare reflections from roads, snow, and water when you wear your shades. If durability and practicality are what you are looking for, consider purchasing polycarbonate lenses. They are lightweight and extremely safe, which makes them ideal for frequent use.

Once you receive your brand new lenses, you’ll need to install them. In order to avoid damaging the lenses and/or the sunglass frame, it’s smart to find and read on some practical advice on lens replacement, especially if you’ve never done this before.

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Adjust Your Sunnies

If your sunglasses tend to slip or fall, chances are they don’t fit your face properly. Having them adjusted or doing it yourself is a simple and easy way to make sure they’ll complement your favorite ensembles for years to come.

Use a Protective Case

It goes without saying that using a quality protective case is a must. A lot of people have a habit of dropping their shades in their bags (maybe because it takes less time), forgetting that there are other objects as well, some of which are hard and can scratch or dent their sunglasses. When you don’t have a protective case with you, you can wrap your shades in a cleaning cloth before putting them away.

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Avoid Wearing Your Sunglasses on Your Head

This piece of advice is useful because of two reasons. First, some types of shades are prone to getting caught in hair, meaning they can yank your hair when you pull your sunnies down, which can be quite painful. Second, wearing your sunglasses on your head can stretch out the earpieces, which can make them loose and they might start slipping and falling off your face. Imagine this happening in a public space. Your sunnies might not survive the fall.

Avoid Excessive Heat

Protect your shades from cooking in the hot summer sun by placing them in their case or by taking them with you instead of leaving them on the dashboard of your car. Even though many designer sunglasses are made to withstand high temperatures, excessive exposure to heat can still make their frames more likely to break.

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Clean Your Sunnies Regularly and Properly

Extending the life of your shades will be practically impossible if you don’t wash them on a regular basis. If not removed frequently, dirt, dust, and smudges can cause serious damage to your lenses. The more often you wear your sunglasses, the more attention you need to pay to this particular piece of the puzzle.

So, what’s the right way to clean a pair of shades? First, rinse them in lukewarm water at the end of every day. A faucet will do the trick. Make sure your hands are clean, the pressure – gentle, and the water – not too hot.

Cleaning your sunglasses with the help of a few drops of dish soap is the next step. Please remember that soaps with moisturizers or lotions in them aren’t suitable for sunglasses because they can smear the lenses. Household glass cleaners aren’t any good for eyewear pieces either because they contain ammonia, which tears off the lenses’ coatings.

Apply a small amount of dish soap to your fingertip and gently scrub the exterior and interior of the lenses, the frame, sides, and nose pads. The tip of a handkerchief can help you reach and clean the nooks of your sunnies.

Once you complete the second step, you’ll need to rinse your sunglasses again. Make sure you do it gently and thoroughly. Let me remind you to avoid hot water and excessive pressure.

Last but not least, let your sunnies drip dry. If allowing your sunglasses to fully air dry isn’t a good option for you, you can use a clean, lint-free cloth to massage them dry.

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Kiss Bad Habits Goodbye

So many people polish their sunglasses on their clothes without realizing that this practice often results in scratches, smears, and unwanted residue. If you are one of them, try your best to resist this urge whenever you detect spots on your sunnies. Remind yourself that there are better ways to deal with them.

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