7 Fashion Tips for Car Driving

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Do you know that your car has a subtle influence on your manner of dressing? Perhaps you’ve heard the old phrase, the way you dress is the way you will be addressed, here’s another phrase to think about; the outlook of your car determines the way you will dress and the way you will be addressed. If you think about it a bit, you will come to realize that in most cases this is true.

How? Here’s a test, it’s a bit popular among the ladies;

If two persons approach you; one walks up to you with or without the bling, and you see the other drives by, parks before approaching you, without a second thought, who would you pay attention to? Even if you were already occupied with talking to the first person, once the other drives by, your attention is momentarily diverted.

Why is that? The Car.

Cars speak of luxury that automatically confers its owners a form of respect. It’s a great thing to fulfill your dreams of having a car. But besides, buying a car and taking one the best driving lessons Dublin Ireland has to offer, you have to complement the beauty of your vehicle with the beauty of your appearance – clothe wise. Each car has its unique design and requires a complementary fashion sense from its owner to leave mouths agape and tongues wagging.

So then, if you want to spice up the attention you’ve already gotten by virtue of you owning a car, here are seven tips to consider:

Pay Attention to Details

Most car owners especially men, go for practicality over aesthetics. The idea of functionality over form has been on over time and can be seen in male choices. Men would easily slide into a simple shirt and trousers, find a boot and they’re ready to face the day irrespective of the aesthetic quality of their outfit.

The same behavior has been transferred to owning and using a car. A man would not be so freaked out about a dent on the car, and would pretty much keep managing the car until it desperately needs repair.

But that should not be so.

As much as women can be annoying with being undecided as to what to wear, their attention to details in terms of color, cloth material, dress length, shoes, etc., helps them make the right choice a lot more than men thus causing them to draw attention anytime they step out. Their attention to details helps them pick out the slightest red flags in dressing be it a tiny speck of oil stain, a tear or a mismatch of colors. Thus helping them to wear complementary outfits; including shoes.

Besides doing a double check on how you’re dressed, ensure that your dress choice fits your choice of car. If you’re using a black sedan, you will attract more attention in a corporate outfit than casual wear.

Whatever you do, always ensure that you pay attention to the details of your car in choosing what to wear.

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Simple Maintenance

As a car owner, you should not be found wanting in terms of maintaining your car. If you can be so particular about doing your laundry, do yourself a favor by cleaning your car consistently.

Once you’re done with your day’s ride, make it a point of duty to clear out a bit of dirt and excess baggage in the car. This will go a long way in preventing your car from being stuffy and smelly due to decaying dirt and excess items left locked in the car. A little cleanup in the morning would help freshen the car’s interior.

Your cleanliness speaks volumes, don’t just be clean with your dress, let your car boast of your cleanliness.

Drive Smoothly

The way you drive goes a long way in defining who you are. Besides dressing up real nice, and having a car, ensure your driving doesn’t speak differently.

Consider this, would you go for a run through the woods in a designer suit for no apparent reason? No.

Since you wouldn’t, then by all means take your time in driving safely and smoothly. It makes you look more dignified compared to being a speed breaker. Besides, it’s pretty easy to install a radar detector like the one in this review to help you with safe driving.

Be Gadget Friendly

Civilization has been on a sprint since the advent of technology. In line with this, the modern man loves his gadgets. From mobile phones to wireless Bluetooth earphone, different devices abound to make life comfortable as well as luxurious. You can add that to your advantage. Besides dressing nice in your blazers, you could put on a Bluetooth earphone to augment your outlook. Or if you’re dressed casual, a fanciful headset would go a long way in complementing your look.

In all you do, be sure to dress nicely and make use of gadgets that will complement your dress.

Customize Your Car to Your Taste

There’s nothing like a personal touch. Just like your signature is unique to you, your car is unique to you irrespective of how many are in the market. Personalize your car to differentiate it from the rest in the market, and you’ll feel proud that you did.

However, don’t go overboard in personalizing your car that you turn it to a sorry sight. Be creative with your painting, but ensure your paint job complements your lifestyle.

Note this; your career influences your lifestyle, which in turn determines your choice of dressing.

Schedule Checks

As much as your health can be in top shape, you’re always advised to go for a medical checkup. Not because you’re sick, but to verify the state of your body which might elude you.

The same way you go for medical checkups, ensure that besides your simple maintenance tactics of cleaning out your car per day and checking some vital parts of the car, you schedule a checkup with the mechanic. This will prevent sudden automobile fails that might either leave you utterly embarrassed or fatally injured.

Stay Classy and Efficient

Men being focused on functionality over form is not all that bad, as it guarantees efficiency to having a fanciful box of no value. As much as you’d like to customize your car, and make use of cool gadgets, ensure that your car is still very much functional rather than being a beauty without brain (engine).

The purpose of your car is transport to wherever you decide, ensure it’s good enough for its primary purpose, and be sure to be certified for driving. Driving lessons are non-negotiable, click here to know more upon driving tips.

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