Is Fashion Hurting Your Wellness?

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Being fashionable to look stylish is great but becoming a fashion slave to just look good makes no sense, especially if you are hampering your health and wellness in the process. Wearing tight clothes and carrying uncomfortable accessories are doing more damage than good to your health. Most fashion crazy people just tend to ignore the side effects of bizarre and uncomfortable fashion but if ignored too long, it can cause permanent damages to your health.

We have listed 5 common fashion related health risks below:

1. High Heels:

Relating fashion to high heels is no biggie. Females who are into fashion own a few high heeled pointy shoes, though the shoes look divine, they feel cramped and utmost uncomfortable to wear. But you will hear most of the women wearing high heels say that the discomfort is a small price they pay to look good. Well, many of them are unaware of the long-term harm of wearing too much of such heels. Wearing tip toe heels can cause permanent damage to your feet including conditions like hammertoes, metatarsal stress fractures, and bunions. Wearing high heels can also cause pain in the back and hips. If you want to wear such shoes, we are not saying no to them, just make sure you wear them moderately.

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2. Tight Jeans:

Wearing skinny jeans is what most of us do as that is the new jeans trend. Though such jeans look stylish but too skinny and tight jeans may lead to nerve compression which may cause numbness or tingling sensation for a while which may become uncomfortable especially if you are outside your home. Stick to jeans which fits you perfectly without being too tight.

3. Tightening Shapewear:

How many of us aim to look a size smaller than we actually are? Well, most of us hence we tend to fall for fashion products such as shapewear which promises to make you look slimmer than you really are. Though wearing shapewear can make your body look slender and tight but compressing your body and compromising on the ability to breathe normally just to look slimmer does not seem a worthy enough reason to put yourself through it. Wearing a shapewear can also lead to compressing your organs against the esophagus which can mess with your entire digestion process. You do not want to feel sick and bloated just to look minutely slimmer.

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4. Heavy Handbags:

The next big thing in the fashion industry is high fashion handbags. Though handbag sounds completely harmless, and it is if you have a moderately sized and weighed handbag but carrying too heavy handbags can cause health and injury hazards. The most common issues with carrying around heavy purse are shoulder, neck and back pain. Handbags are carried on one side of the shoulder hence the weight distribution is not equal on both the shoulders; we tend to carry a purse preferably on one side hence we face such health issues. By carrying a lighter bag and shifting it between the shoulders, this hazard can be eliminated. If you are traveling, carry handbags that can convert to backpacks (yeah, such bags are the latest trends, what can be better) so that your travel becomes comfortable.

5. Sexy Lingerie:

There are various varieties of lingerie in the market which is a fashion in itself but wearing a thong or a string bikini may lead to vaginal infections as wearing such lingerie’s may cause bacteria trapped in the vaginal area. Choosing comfortable lingerie is a wise choice as health comes first.

The fashion industry has become highly demanding and the beauty paradigms are on the rise. Treating the negatives and health troubles caused by fashion via Aesthetics and Integrative Medicine can help achieve health and sustainable wellness through treatments with a holistic approach also taking care of the fact that you look the best version of yourself.

It feels good to look stylish, no doubt about it, but it also feels good to stay healthy and well. The perfect blend between a stylish and a healthy approach is the best fashion anyone can choose.

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