The Evolution of Casino Fashion

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There are plenty of words that can be associated with casinos. It can invoke the feeling of exclusivity and sophistication as well as the memories of partying and having a once in a life-time experience. Depending on what casino you plan on visiting there are certain do’s and don’ts concerning the clothes you wear. Casinos have unwritten rules and etiquette that needs to be followed. It is interesting to consider what the casino fashion was throughout history and if it is possible to collect inspiration for what to wear today. In this article we explore the different casino fashions while giving you tips on were to collect inspiration for what to wear if you are planning to attend a casino near you. If you want the thrill of a casino but don’t feel like dressing up, you can find some of the fairest online casinos here at

Three Cornered Hats and the First Casino: 

For as long as there have been humans there has been gambling of some sort, but it wasn’t until the 17th century when the venetians established the first casino house and made gambling into an establishment. Already at this casino house sophistication was key and only formal attire was accepted despite the casino house being open to all. The three-cornered hats and masks where also required attire to make bets at the tables. We definitely do not recommend wearing either masks or three-cornered hat to today’s casinos unless there is a specific event that requires that but already here, we see the importance of formal attire when visiting casinos.   

Cowboys and Corsets

By the mid 19th century western saloons which served alcohol and where gambling was costume were blowing up. At these establishments both men and women could be found though the majority of women who visited the saloons worked there. Women dressed in corsets and ruffles and though it might be nice to wear these things in certain occasions it is not something we recommend for a visit to Monte Carlo. This style has inspired and keeps on inspiring specially men but also women to some extent. Today this style is much associated with jeans which is not always recommended attire for casinos but can be when the dress-code is more casual.

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Prohibiting gambling and Great Fashion

The 1920’s followed with stricter policies on gambling and alcohol. This meant that most gambling moved to secret clubs. Lately we have seen the style of the 1920’s come back into fashion thanks to the likes of the movie “The Great Gatsby”. Suits, glittery dresses and bobs can definitely be used when visiting a casino today. Many casinos might even have 1920’s evenings and then you can go all out in this theme.

From Frank Sinatra to today

In the beginning of the 1950’s Frank Sinatra along with other celebrities made Las Vegas into the casino epicentre that it is today. Because the celebrities where associated with glamour this also translated into the fashion choices people made when visiting the Las Vegas Casinos. The choices focused on more sophisticated and elegant looks echoing the likes of the fashion seen across the pond in places like Monaco. Black and White tie now became the norm which it still is and therefore both men and women can get inspiration from this time period

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It’s not just James Bond

Visiting a casino today is not just about elegance and glamour, often dressing for success or to enhance your poker face is part of the fashion, it is not just about looking like James Bond or a Bond girl for that matter, casino fashion has now expanded and can range from White Tie to more Casual wear. It is important as a casino visitor to know the dress-code used by the casino you are visiting and understand what the differences entail in different dress-codes.

White Tie is probably the most formal and elegant of the casino dress-codes, for women this entails a formal evening gown and jewellery, here inspiration can be taken from the Frank Sinatra days of casino fashion or one can even look back to the first days of casinos to get some inspiring fashion tips.

Another very common dress code in today’s casino is Business Casual. This entails mixing elements from formal business attire with more casual pieces. This dress-code can be more playful and allows us to mix patterns and add splashes of colour to an otherwise quite dark and simple silhouette. Perhaps borrowing some ideas from the 1920’s can be a unique way to make this dress-code a bit more fun and one-of-a-kind.

Altogether casino fashion has seen a tremendous evolution since its birth. Gone are the days of three-pointed hats and leather vests. Today’s casino fashion is more open to variation and dependent on the dress-code set by the casino. Despite strict dress-codes inspiration can be found in the old casino fashion. Sometimes looking back to the old fashion can help us find new and unique ways of presenting ourselves.

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