Everything You Wanted To Know About Kilts

Man Bagpipes Scottish Kilt
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What is kilt a kilt? Well, a kilt is a tailored garment that can be wrapped around your body. It covers the body—starting from the waist to the knee center.  Commonly associated with men, kilts come in different types. So, if you have been looking for information regarding a kilt, here is all you should know.

The Basics

What’s a kilt?

A kilt—which is essentially worn by men—is a garment that resembles a knee-length skirt. Popular in the Scottish Highland, a kilt can now be worn by both genders.

Design and Construction

Featuring a unique design, a kilt is constructed in such a way that it can be wrapped around your body. The wrapping looks natural. It’s also important to note that a kilt comes with fastenings like straps and buckles. The kilt will cover your body—starting from the waist to your knees’ center.


Headwear comes in two different types.


Usually round, the Balmorals is brimless as well as flat on its top


Glengarry is another common type of hat. With Balmorals, you have a hat that comes with a wedge shape. However, Glengarry is usually long. The width is skinny and tall.

Men Kilts Style Fashion Plaid
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This is a plain white collard-like shirt

Fly Plaid

Similar to tartan (in terms of color) the fly plaid is manufactured from a pleated material. It’s also important to note that it’s usually worn over the shoulder.


Kilts are available in an array of patterns known as Tartans. It’s also important to note that each clan features its own tartan pattern. Plus, each wear represents a distinct clan. The smooth side is positioned in front while the pleated one is reserved to the back. The kilt is usually held in position using straps as well as buckles.


The belt, which measures approximately two to three inches long, is usually black or brown. In most cases, the belt is made of leather.

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The kilt has no pockets. Thus, you will require something to hold stuff that you will put in the Sporran. The Sporran resembles a fanny like a pack. However, it is fitted in the front. The Sporran can be back or brown. Usually, it’s made of leather.


The hose looks like socks. However, they are thick and can cover the knee. You can wear then in cream color. Alternatively, you can choose a color that matches the tartan.


The flash is an elastic band that is usually fitted in the inside of the hose. Its function is to hold the content in place. Normally, the color of the flash must be the same as that of the tartan.

Ghillie Brogues

The Ghillie Brogues represent special shoes. They feature holes—thus it’s not possible to fill them up with water. These shoes should be tied to the leg to limit the possibility of falling off—especially when walking through the mud.

The Bottom-Line

The above information will help you understand a kilt. From who can wear them to different types on the market—this information is all you need for your next kilt.

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