Debunking 10 Myths About Computer Glasses

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With the developing technology, the time spent in front of the screen has also increased. As a result, computer users needed additional security products for their eyes. The most effective way to protect the eyes from harmful rays emanating from the screens is glasses with a blue light filter.

Time Spent Across Screens Increased

Humanity has started to spend much more time in front of computers, tablets and mobile phones due to personal reasons and work obligations. In addition, the time spent in front of the TV is much more than before. As a natural result of this, problems such as burning, stinging sensation and blurring have occurred in the eyes.

To prevent dryness in the eyes due to the screen, it is important to blink 20 times at 20 minutes intervals and then separate the eyes from the screen. After that, it is necessary to look at an object located 20 steps away for 20 seconds. This has been called the 20-20-20 formula. This simple movement allows the eye muscles to relax.

There Are Misconceptions about Computer Glasses

There is a lot of misinformation about eye care and computer glasses. This causes negative consequences on eye health. Here are some myths about eye health:

1. Claim

Working or reading in low light impairs eye health.

Right>>> Before the invention of electricity and light bulbs, all the work done was done under kerosene or candlelight. This led to the insufficient illumination of the environment. It is known that reading or studying in low light harms eye health. Depending on today’s technological innovations, it is possible to work or study at any time of the day.

2. Claim:

Eating carrots improves eyesight.

Partially correct>>> Carrots contain vitamin A, which is essential for eyesight. However, this vitamin is not only available in carrots. Many foods also contain vitamin A. Eating only carrots to improve eyesight can have other adverse health effects.

Claim 3:

Eye exercises help eyes to see better.

False>>> There is no scientific study showing that eye exercises increase eyesight. In addition, exercises do not eliminate the need for computer glasses.

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4. Claim:

Looking at the sun is beneficial for both eye health and general health.

False>>> Looking at the sun without using glasses specially designed for the sun can damage the retinal layer of the eye even for a short time. The eyesight may disappear completely. Ordinary sunglasses can’t protect the eyes from the sun.

5. Claim:

Using a computer causes eye damage.

False>>>Looking at the computer screen does not cause eye damage. It causes dry eyes and eye strain when looking at the screen continuously. For this reason, a break should be taken every 20 minutes. It is also beneficial to blink your eyes frequently. This prevents dryness in the eyes. Using blue light filter computer glasses eliminates this risk.

6. Claim:

Using the eyes too much causes vision loss.

False>>> The function of the eye is to see. Therefore, it is a mistake to say that the more you look at, the more you use the eyes, the more your risk of losing your eyes will cause vision loss.

7. Claim

People who wear glasses lose their ability to see if they read too much or stare close to the screen for a long time.

False>>> Reading or working on a computer screen does not cause eye damage. However, eye strain can be seen in people who wear glasses.

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8. Claim

Blue light filter glasses are used exclusively on the computer.

False>>> There is blue light not only on the computer screens but also in the sun. Regardless of the season, exposure to blue light from the sun can damage the retinal layer in the eye.

9. Claim

Babies and children do not need glasses.

False>>> Babies and children are affected by the sun’s rays at least as much as adults. It is necessary to protect children’s eyes.

10. Claim

Cheap glasses do not provide protection.

Right>>> No matter what type of glasses it is, it is impossible for cheap glasses to filter blue light. The price doesn’t have to be too high for protection, either. It is possible to learn the quality of the glasses that will protect the eyes from blue light from the optical sales points.

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Does the Size of the Glasses Matter?

When buying glasses, it doesn’t matter whether they are big or small. The important thing is whether it fully protects the eyes. While shopping for men’s computer glasses online designs suitable for the eye structure should be preferred.

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