Why The Colors You Wear At Work Matter More Than You Think

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What you wear to work depends on both your occupation and the strictness of your employer. Some workers are required to adhere to a strict dress code or wear a specific uniform; others are allowed a little more free reign with regards to their work attire. Whether we are aware of it or not, a person’s image is an integral part of how we judge and interact with them. Most of us probably already know that certain colors are associated with different emotions or preconceptions – the color green is often said to evoke feelings of harmony and safety, whereas red is synonymous with speed, aggression, and passion, for example. With this in mind, do the colours you wear at work matter? And if so, how?

Black – Cold or Sophisticated?

The color black is a perfect example of how contradictory the preconceived notions surrounding colour can appear. On the one hand, black is associated with coldness and mourning and is the color of choice at a large majority of funerals for this very reason. On the other, the color black is seen as professional and sophisticated in a number of work settings. In the casino industry, for example, black suits and tuxedos have long been worn by croupiers. This trend has also been respected by dealers who work for online platforms such as the Mr Green online casino, where everyone but Mr Green himself can be seen to wear black and white. This goes hand in hand with the professional and trustworthy impression such websites are trying to convey.

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Yellow – Cheerful or Overbearing?

“Summer colors” such as yellow are undoubtedly seen as warm and welcoming. Unfortunately, such colors are also unstable and it’s been proven that they can even make the wearer look weak. However, it is the color which is most likely to cause eye strain or irritation; for that reason alone, it’s probably a good idea to avoid wearing significantly yellow clothing. Of course, yellow is always an excellent accentuating color, and ties, necklaces, and purses of this color are a welcome addition to any outfit – no matter what the environment.

Blue – Serenity or Sadness?

The color blue is often linked to intellect, truth, and wisdom. More importantly, blue is considered to be the most stable color and has a calming effect on those in its presence. With that being said, those who have a drama-filled or volatile workplace are probably advised to wear a middle blue color in order to relieve the tension. However, it’s also well-documented that the color blue has a long association with sadness, so it’s probably best to avoid if delivering bad news.

Everything In Moderation

No matter what the psychology says relating to color and clothing, it’s important to get the balance right. While the color blue may be the most stable color you can wear at your job, it’s likely that a fully blue outfit from head to toe will be too much for anyone. Once you’ve worked in your respective workplace for a decent amount of time, you will get a feel for the atmosphere and for what is acceptable and what isn’t. If you’re unsure, a second opinion before you step out of the house is never a bad idea, but if you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, you’re halfway there to creating a good impression.

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