CBD Oil-filled Mascara: An In-depth Buying Guide

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Nowadays, the controversial plant – marijuana, has already taken massive steps to prove its worth as a viable medicinal alternative. More and more health benefits are getting discovered with each passing day. From its high potential for medicating several mental complications, such as anxiety attacks, depression, and difficulty of sleeping, to its excellent promise to relieve chronic pain, marijuana sure has come a long way from its initial public perception of just being a gateway drug.

So long were the days where people exclusively think of marijuana as nothing more but a stoner’s best friend. Now, more and more people are falling in love with the many different products extracted from the plant, and its many health perks. However, what if we tell you that the excellent news marijuana has in store for us not end there? What if we tell you that marijuana can also be your best beauty care ingredient?

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What Really is CBD?

The Cannabidiol, or known as CBD, has made its way to several branching products. These include the likes of gum pellets, cannabidiol oil products, pet food, and the star for this article – beauty products. But before we even begin highlighting CBD as an excellent beauty product, let us first know this: what really is CBD?

Over the eighty-plus compounds found and able to be extracted from the cannabis sativa plant, CBD seems to be the most interesting. CBD, alongside its forever counterpart, the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), is the two most well-known compound there is in the plant. Both CBD and THC holds great promise with regards to alleviating or ultimately treating several health complications. However, the main difference between the two is that CBD does not get its users stoned while the other explicitly does. That means, if you do see someone getting high out of marijuana, you can safely assume already that it contains high levels of THC.

So, does CBD really does not get you high? Yes. As many times this question has already been asked, the answer will still stay the same. Cannabidiol or CBD cannot get you high, and that seems to be the precise reason why it is genuinely so popular today.

Now that we are refreshed or made aware of what CBD really is, we can now proceed to the part where we highlight the compound as an excellent beauty product. For those who are intrigued by the very thought of it or those who are contemplating whether to try it out or not, we invite you to read on.

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CBD As An Excellent Beauty Product

CBD has been successfully found to have anti-inflammatory and painkilling (analgesic) properties. And that exact fact is what interests scientists and beauty experts. These properties can effectively treat dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin problems, and such can be found directly on CBD. Knowing that you won’t have to be surprised anymore to see the ingredient show up on so many differentiating beauty products. CBD has now made its way to high-quality face creams, beauty serums, body lotions, and even mascaras. Remember, inflammation is the root of all evil when it comes to skin problems, and CBD significantly fights just that.

Perhaps you want to control your acne breakouts? Maybe you are suffering from severe eczema? If you want to treat all that and more while also having the real chance to achieve clear skin too, why don’t you try and give CBD products a chance?

CBD proved itself as an excellent compound for health treatments; it has now made its name as an ideal ingredient for beauty products, now we ask – is there more? Absolutely yes! Let us now proceed to the part where we discuss CBD as a promising substance for great makeup products specifically, if it would make a good mascara.

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CBD-Infused Mascaras: Good or Not?

There was a time where we cannot even begin to fathom associating marijuana and everything it has to our daily makeup products. But with the continuous efforts made to realize the great promise that the plant holds for varying products, the day actually came. CBD, and all its amazing benefits, can now be completely present on your everyday makeup kit. CBD-infused mascaras not only make users eyelashes thick, beautiful, and dream-like, it also does more than just that. Such products nourish your lashes, it grants your desired thickness without any fallout, but the greatest of them all, you won’t ever experience any irritations. So, to answer our underlying question, yes, CBD-infused mascaras are indeed great and is a must-try. It will render you more beautiful while also making you feel that much more relaxed, now who wouldn’t want that?

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