CBD and Its Impact on the Beauty Industry

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We cannot deny the buzz CBD has created in the beauty industry. Today, we are going to take a look at how the beauty industry has changed with the introduction of CBD as one of the key ingredients in products.

The beauty industry is undoubtedly more dynamic than any other industry. When a new ingredient comes into the limelight because of its benefits, brands start their efforts to include it in their products and market it to the public. Even before you know it, you will see countless products released by several brands containing that ingredient.

Over the few years, cannabidiol (CBD) has created a significant buzz, which has ultimately made many retailers and brands to start adopting and preaching the trend.

What is Meant by CBD?

CBD is a form of extract that is derived from the cannabis plant. The plant species has over 80 different types of cannabinoids. THC is one of the popular ones, which is known for its psychoactive properties. However, CBD is believed to possess calming and anti-inflammatory properties without resulting in mind-altering effects like THC. Because of this reason, the beauty industry has pounced upon the opportunity of using CBD in its beauty and skincare products.

Soon after the legalization of cannabis in different states of the United States, products with CBD started being launched in the market. Since then, there has been a rapid growth in the use of CBD-derived products, which is going to be worth around $22 billion by the year 2022.

In the UK, the use of cannabis recreationally isn’t legal yet. However, there is an exception for CBD. Because of this reason, more people are using CBD oil every year.

The popularity of the substance reflects how prevalent CBD is in this anxiety-prone economy. Many people seek CBD products to relax. It also goes on par with the Gen Z and Millennial lifestyles.

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CBD Products in the Beauty Industry

CBD has become the new star ingredient in today’s beauty industry. It is incredibly versatile, which means that you can use it as a topical or edible. It is now incorporated I skincare, makeup, and hair products. Established brands are releasing new products that contain cannabis extracts in attempts to capitalize on the trend. Many brands are also rebranding these products in a way to remove the stigma around the use of cannabis.

All the attempts are being made to allow people to think of cannabis differently. Some of these brands are selling these products along with luxury goodie bags to make it even more exciting for the buyers.

Retailers Going Green!

Retailers in the United States are adapting their business as per the CBD trend, which is in attempts to normalize the use of CBD. Barneys Department Store has put on a luxury lens on cannabis by launching a department in Beverly Hills Flagship that is dedicated to its CBD products.

Many retailers are also making similar attempts, which include Nieman Marcus, Cult Beauty, and Sephora. All of them are coming up with their dedicated cannabis categories to help people look for their favourite CBD products.

With more laws coming up in favour of cannabis in various countries, retailers are more likely to sell CBD products just like their US peers.

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How Effective is CBD?

When it comes to CBD and its effects, people still debate about it. There are documented facts that show that CBD can help in controlling seizures. Some evidence also points towards its usefulness in managing anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

When it comes to beauty and skincare benefits, the effectiveness of CBD is mostly anecdotal. Some promising studies show that it can be used for diminishing signs of aging, soothing sensitive skin, and reducing acne. However, more research is needed to confirm the claims. 

The world of CBD can be pretty confusing. It will be a surprise to know that all products made from cannabis extracts don’t just contain CBD. Hemp seed oil and Cannabis Sativa are also becoming quite popular in the beauty industry. And they contain negligible amounts of CBD.

Many brands don’t offer proper clarification regarding the distinction between the cannabis extracts present in their products, and how they differ. There is very little awareness regarding the same. Because of this reason, many people consider Cannabis Sativa seed oil and CBD oil to be the same in terms of providing benefits.

If the popularity of CBD keeps on rising at its current rate, soon its usage is going to become more mainstream and normalized. It is time to embrace all the big brands endorsing CBD through their advertisements of CBD-centered beauty products.

However, education and transparency are critical to understanding the effects of CBD on the skin. Brands need to make efforts to assure customers that the CBD they obtain for their products has been derived from legitimate sources. 

Consumers also require having a comprehensive understanding of the benefits and side effects CBD has to offer, including its difference from other cannabis extracts.

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