Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment for Intestinal Parasites

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Parasitic worms can do a lot of damage to your health. They eat away at your intestines and before you can react, you will feel nauseous. Most people who have intestinal parasites say that they have a vomiting feeling all the time. They are not able to eat properly and there is a constant discomfort in their stomach. Let’s lookat some of the treatments first before understanding the symptoms and causes:

Using herbal medicineThere are many herbal medicines on the market that are appropriate for driving intestinal worms away. The main motive of these medicines is to cleanse your stomach and intestine. The presence of pumpkin extract, papaya extract, walnut extract, and a combination of other herbal extracts will eliminate the parasites that have gathered in your stomach. Mixing 30 drops of Bactefort with 150 ml of water will be enough for a single day. Drink this mixture before lunch or dinner for a month and see your stomach problems go away.

Using berberine – Berberine is a popular herb that fights intestinal parasites. Different studies suggest that if you have berberine in an empty stomach, it will work against the parasites and cause them to die.

Causes of Intestinal Parasites

The meat you eat often has worms and parasites in them. They may not be visible to the naked eye but if the meat is undercooked, the worms may remain in your stomach causing a lot of pain after a few days. So, if you have a habit of eating pork or beef, do make sure that the meat is cooked well. Here are a few more reasons why you may have intestinal parasites:

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Drinking contaminated water is one of the biggest reasons why people have parasites in the intestines. Once again, you will not be able to see these germs. Installing an RO filter in your house can keep these parasites away.

Poor sanitation can be another reason why you and your family members have intestinal parasites. If you have a garden in your house and use your bare hands to treat the soil and plants, the parasites can sneak into your hands. Subsequently, when you don’t wash your hands cleanly before each meal,there are high chances that the parasites will find their way into your stomach and intestines.

Symptoms of Intestinal Parasites

Abdominal pain is the first of many symptoms that you will notice when there are parasites in your intestine. Soon, you will start feeling nauseous and want to vomit after every meal. There are many patients who have noticed unexplained weight loss. Since the symptoms are closely related to food poisoning, it is hard to differentiate if you have intestinal worms or not. Dysentery and frequent bloating are also common after a few days. When you feel that these symptoms are starting to grow, do not hesitate to get in touch with a doctor. It is not a good idea to overlook or ignore these symptoms because the parasites grow fast when they get food.

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