Buying Your Lady a Gift? 7 Jewelry-Related Mistakes Men Tend to Make

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Buying Your Lady a Gift? 7 Jewelry-Related Mistakes Men Tend to Make

One of the largest and most emotional investments a man will make is a major jewelry purchase for his significant other. The entire process can seem foreign and fraught with difficulties and pitfalls. From rings to bracelets to necklaces, and everything in between, the choices are seemingly endless, and it can be hard to know where to begin. Rather than consider the things that he should do, it can help to start with the things a man should not do when selecting jewelry for the person he loves. In general, a man should avoid making these 7 jewelry-related mistakes: purchasing impersonal jewelry, buying heart-shaped jewelry, choosing birthstone jewelry, selecting mixed-metal jewelry, picking the wrong style and size, focusing too much on price, and using a bad retailer.

1. Purchasing Impersonal Jewelry

It is not uncommon for a man to visit a jewelry store, look at the selection offered, and choose a piece that he is told is very popular among lots of women. However, this is typically not the best idea. Most women would prefer to have a piece of jewelry that is unique and not being worn by thousands of other women. A personalized bracelet or necklace carries much more sentiment and value than a non-personalized one does. Necklaces are a great choice for personalized jewelry that women love to wear and show off. Monogrammed pendants are popular, as well as letter-shaped pendants. The latter can be used to represent a woman’s initials or spell her entire name. Some other examples of personalized jewelry that a woman is sure to love can be viewed when going to

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2. Buying Heart-Shaped Jewelry

Most jewelry stores keep a few pieces of heart-shaped jewelry in-stock year-round. Around Valentine’s Day each year, many additional choices can be found. Jewelry stores seem to be sending the message that women love receiving this type of jewelry for special occasions, and most men tend to trust the stores and believe that is true. While there may be some women who like it, they are few and far between. For most women, the consensus is a resounding “No!” to heart-shaped jewelry. If a man wants to give his significant other a piece of jewelry that is beautiful and classy, he should steer clear of those shaped like hearts. They are better suited to young girls.

3. Choosing Birthstone Jewelry

When giving a piece of jewelry as a birthday, it can be tempting to take the easy route and go with something containing the recipient’s birthstone. After all, what could be more memorable than a stone that reminds a woman of her birth month every time she wears it? Like heart-shaped jewelry, birthstone jewelry is more appropriate for tweens and teens. Chances are that a woman already has several, if not many, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and pairs of earrings containing the birthstone that she has accumulated over her lifetime. She would much prefer something that is different from items she already owns and that reflects her current taste and style.

4. Selecting Mixed-Metal Jewelry

Many women like to make sure that every piece of jewelry that they wear on a particular day is made from the same metal. They take great care to plan outfits around an all gold-colored or all silver-colored jewelry motif. This can cause a man to think that a piece of jewelry that contains both gold and silver colors is a good idea because such a piece could be worn all the time, no matter what the jewelry color of the day is. However, this is a tricky area. Mixed-metal jewelry is a very niche preference. Before making such a purchase, a man should consider the other items found in his significant other’s jewelry box. If there are other mixed-metal pieces, this can be a safe choice. If there are no other mixed-metal pieces, it is best to avoid making the purchase.

5. Picking the Wrong Style and Size

Some women love to wear bold, oversized pieces of jewelry that really make a statement. Others prefer to wear smaller, more dainty pieces. In general, if a person who loves oversized jewelry receives a small, understated piece, it will go unworn. The opposite is true as well. It is imperative that a man spend some time studying the size and style of jewelry that his significant other wears most often before purchasing a jewelry gift. Though the gift will likely be appreciated, picking the wrong style and size can result in wasted time and money, as the piece will likely never be worn.

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6. Focusing Too Much on Price

Shopping for jewelry can be a real eye-opener, especially for a man who does not do so often. He can experience sticker-shock for many of the pieces he looks at. Therefore, it is understandable that a man might look for a bargain. However, this can be a big mistake. The saying “You get what you pay for” definitely holds true for jewelry. An inexpensive piece of jewelry is often of low quality, both in materials used and craftsmanship. Choosing an expensive piece of jewelry solely because of its price tag can be a mistake as well because a high price does not always equate with high quality. The best thing a man can do is become educated in certain aspects of jewelry before shopping. Knowing a little about diamond quality, carats, metal types, and more can go a long way in choosing a quality piece of jewelry at a fair price.

7. Using a Bad Retailer

Jewelry can be purchased at nearly every shopping mall and a major retailer. Some jewelry stores are nationwide chains, and others are local establishments. Knowing what store is best can be difficult. Doing a little research beforehand can help a man decide on the best place to shop in his community. There are several things to keep in mind when choosing a retailer from which to make a purchase. First, he should look for a jewelry store that is part of a professional organization. In addition, he should read reviews and ask around to determine which store has the best reputation. Finally, he should make sure there are experienced, certified professionals on staff.

Giving the gift of jewelry should be an exciting and fruitful time for both the gift-giver and the recipient. The gift-giver should feel confident in and proud of the piece they have chosen for their significant other. Although the process can feel intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. By keeping in mind 7 jewelry-related mistakes that should be avoided, narrowing down choices to arrive at the perfect piece becomes easier. Doing so will ensure that a man selects a thoughtful, meaningful gift for the person he loves.

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  1. No to hearts, butterflies, and flower shaped pendants, please. Also no to jewelry brands that sell big, gaudy necklaces with multiple different brightly colored gemstones on them (red with purple with green with blue), etc., even if they have diamonds, and even if the jeweler goes on and on about how beautiful and expensive they are. They are tacky. Just don’t.


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