4 Stylish Types of Hats From Bon Clic Bon Genre

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A hat or a cap is a head wrapping, made for a variety of causes, comprising formal reasons such as safety from weather situations, religious rights, safety, or fashion accessory. Hats or caps have been seen as endlessly fashionable and stylish women and men’s accessories. The various classes of caps are generally nothing more than differences in the dimensions and forms of the top and head. Bon Clic Bon Genre is here to help make your look completely stylish. We try to deliver our consumers with hats or caps from the most famous and appropriate brands prepared with the best elements.

Bon Clic Bon Genre is a French specialist company famous for its Fashion Hats, caps, berets, and even beanies. It concentrates on providing you the superior quality hats or caps from the top brands you like for both men and women. From season to season, your style should also improve. We wish to provide the most brilliant selection of hats online while providing our consumers with the best probable rates and services.

The Wearing of Hats Fashion History

In the term of style and fashion, hats or caps are the most beautiful and attractive accessory, just because of the audience’s courtesy. A cap or hat is the most noticeable fashion material everyone can wear. The ancient saying goes ‘if you wish to acquire forward and pay attention, acquire a cap.’

Subsequently, everybody’s heat is dissipating through the head; it is necessary to cover the head, under severe circumstances. Infants, in specific, lose warmth quickly through the head, thus confirming a baby or infant has an earnest, protected head in winter is necessary. Today in France, the term “Chandeliers” is used. Nowadays, officially, a hatmaker creates hats or caps for boys while a milliner creates hats or caps for girls.

Establishing the history of wearing caps, girls expected to cover their heads with veils, kerchiefs, hoods, caps, and quills. However, it was not until the conclusion of the 16th era that designed hats were worn— depending on fashion and styles. At the end of the 17th century, girl’s cap fashions finally originated into its own.

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Types of Bon Clic Bon Genre Hats

Panama Hats

  • The other name of Panama hat is an Ecuadorian hat or a toquilla hat, and it is an old-fashioned abounded straw cap.
  • Panama Hats are light in color, and it is light in weight. It is comfortably breathable, and frequently worn as decorations for summer-weight outfits, like those prepared from linen or silk.
  • Stiffness, weft originality, and time spent knitting a complete cap out of tequila straw are representative of its quality.
  • It made from thin grass from the toquilla palm, which develops in the hot coastal area of Ecuador.

Straw Boater Hats

  • The Straw Boater Hat or Cap generally considered as a warm-season hat on days when all women and men wear caps when they walk out the door.
  • Straw Boater Hat is a symbol or sign of the early midsummer.
  • Straw Boater Hats commonly called a skimmer, basher, Cady, and Katie.
  • Nowadays, Straw Boater Hats are worn by women too, and they are the best and perfect fashion decoration.
  • Straw Boater Hats are also ideal for theme events. It is generally prepared from stiff straw and has a dense, smooth peak and edge.
  • It usually embroidered with a stripy band.
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Custom Hat

  • Custom hats are the perfect accessories for business visits, athletic games, public occasions, product building, and more.
  • Bon Clic Bon Genre provides thousands of fashions of custom caps from the best brands.
  • With so many choices, you will be sure to search the correct modified cap for your team.
  • With a group logo, Custom Hat is famous because it displays the support of the group.
  • The Custom Hat prepared from 25% polyester, 47% cotton, and 28% nylon.
  • There is an adjustable plastic closure on the back of the cap.

French Hat

  • A French hat is generally known as a beret. This kind of hat is round and plane and is usually designed from a very natural material, such as hand-knitted wool, felt cotton, or even acrylic materials.
  • It is a symbol of the army in France and Spain.
  • This kind of hat was made and worn by marshals in the French Pyrenees to secure their heads from wetness while protecting their sheep.

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