In Other News, Here Are Photos of a $100,000 Birkin Bag Being Fed to an Alligator

Joanna Elizabeth


Published May 15, 2014


Known for doing attention-grabbing shoots, photographer Tyler Shields’ latest work features an alligator chomping on an Hermes Birkin bag worth $100,000. According to Jezebel, it took seven months for the bag to be obtained and now it is completely worthless since it’s full of alligator bites. Perhaps the publicity from the shoot will be worth the price of the bag. We don’t know, but here is a behind the scenes video of the shoot below to prove it is not fake. For his part, Shields Tweeted about the shoot, “Couple death threats and everyone gets scared not me your (sic) petty threats don’t scare me.” You can view the full story on



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