Best Vintage Makeup Looks That are Making a Comeback

Woman Applying Lip Liner Mirror
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As the years pass, fashion and makeup trends shift forms. The last few decades have brought many new and exciting looks. Some of these fascinating looks from the past decades are making a comeback now in 2024 with slight variations. The nostalgia is real as we see iconic makeup trends making a comeback! Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup are well-versed in making vintage styles rock.

1. Visible Lip Liner:

The visible lip liner was a supermodel fashion statement favored by the likes of Cindy Crawford. The trend modified into overdrawn lip lines to make lips look bigger and fuller. But both styles fell out of favor a few years ago. In the 2020s, lip liner underwent a major revival.

The Kardashian sisters and Jennifer Lopez are following this trend, which should be enough to convince you. Lip liner is the way to go, whether you are going for a softer look or a bold one.

2. Thin Eyebrows:

Model Natural Face Thin Eyebrows
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Two decades ago, practically everyone was seen with thin eyebrows. The bushy and thick eyebrow trend took over in the beauty realm. But the 2020s saw the revival of thin eyebrows. In the 1990s and 2000s, thin eyebrows were all the rage with stars like Drew Barrymore.

Unfortunately, for anyone who likes bushy brows, the fashion industry seems to be returning to old times! Trimming is in, with brows shaped in front of a vanity mirror like in the past.

If you intend to follow this trend, make sure you get it done by a professional or are well-experienced in eyebrow trimming. 

3. Barely There Makeup Look:

Natural Look
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In the 1970s, women who participated in the liberation movement rejected beauty stereotypes. Hence, “barely there” makeup was born. It isn’t easy to pull this one off. 

It might not appear ideal to those who do not have flawless skin. But the upside is that it might teach you to accept your skin and feel confident in it. It is also a great excuse to up your skincare routine for minimal makeup.

4. Matte Skin:

Updo Bun Matte Skin Dark Lipstick Turtleneck Makeup
Photo: Shutterstock

The past years have seen a storm of highlighter on the skin, making the overall look shinier and glassy. No doubt that the dewy highlighted skin looks appealing, but matte skin is making a solid comeback. In the 1940s, pressed powder was popular, which made the skin look perfectly matte and gorgeous. Many supermodels and celebrities are now seen rocking matte skin again. 

5. Bejeweled Makeup:

Bejeweled Eye Makeup
Photo: Shutterstock

In the 1990s, makeup looks with bedazzling jewelry were a huge hit, especially with the likes of Gwen Stefani. If you haven’t already started following this trend after Euphoria, now is the time to hop on this train before it leaves the station. 

Recently, Dua Lipa and Naomi Campbell were seen pulling off incredible bejeweled looks for the 2022 MET Gala. It looks like this trend is not going anywhere for now. You can wear gems around your eyes or be creative with sparkling lips!

6. Extra Blush:

Model Pink Blush Lipstick Eyeshadow Makeup
Photo: Shutterstock

Blush is the perfect way to add more color to your face and make it appear sun-kissed and natural. But too much of it, and you can look like someone who just got out of a circus performance. So, it is a tricky trend to handle. 

This trend dates back to the 1950s and is now called “The Sunburn Blush.” To get it right, you should focus on applying it to the right features of your face and blend the blush well. Blending well enough to make it appear like the actual blush on your skin is the trick. Heavy blush can be paired with nude or light pink lipstick for a minimal look.

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