Best Female Fashion Indoor Shows in 2019

Best Female Fashion Indoor Shows in 2019
Gucci Fall 2019

Fashion, the term itself, has evolved from being categorized as a mere fabric to a more globalized institution. Ever since the last decade, the changing dimensions of the fashion industry as a whole have inspired an array of critics to take a glimpse of it. The industry’s revamped image is because of major players like Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Versace, Gucci, Balenciaga, and Louis Vuitton, who try and invent new styles that act as a catalyst for fashion lovers around the world.

With the year 2019 coming to a wrap soon, it can be rightfully quoted that the powerhouses of the fashion industry have raised the pedestal higher for the upcoming year. Also, interior signage created the perfect environment for fashion events with breathtaking decorations and details.

How has fashion fared in the last year?

It is no news that the fashion industry has got a stronghold over the pop-culture of the world. And to corroborate that saying perfectly, the who’s who of fashion have marked the 2019 calendar with their gorgeous outfits, which are a runaway favorite with fashion aficionados. Let us now check out some of these ultra-modern chic attires which have hogged the limelight since their debut.

Revisiting some of the Best Female Fashion Indoor Shows in 2019:

1. Gucci Fall 2019

This fashion show integrated themes of death and the afterlife in their costumes. The Gucci fall 2019 fashion show took massive inspiration from the cardinal crypts of the monks and showcased it in their prized decorations. The velvet gowns spun a  tale of mysticism and grandeur, marking the comeback of the bygone era. While the outfits made a dazzling debut on-ramp, the shutterbugs got crazy over the out of the box theme.

2. Savage X Fenty Spring 2020

The spring 2020 fashion show catered to audiences of all castes and statutes. We all are a fan of Rihanna’s singing chops, but this year, her lingerie brand “Savage X Fenty” grabbed all the attention. Taking inspiration from the singer, the women’s initials were a raging success on the ramp. The undergarment is put together with detailed corsetry, puffed-up sleeves cinched waist, and celebrate the different body types. The rare show resonated well with the audience and will have a long term impact.

3. Dries Van Noten Spring 2020

The collection can be well described by the word “Whimsical.” The outfits designed by Dries Van Noten and Christian Lacroix were all soaked in aesthetic and elegance from top to bottom. With a perfect blend of drama and glamour, these two gods of fashion created a sizzling show with their attires. A runaway favorite with critics and masses, the costumes were a staunch amalgamation of practicality and style.

Best Female Fashion Indoor Shows in 2019
Prada Spring 2020

4. Women’s Spring/Summer Fashion Shows in Milan

With a variety of options showcased at the ramp, this fashion event was a head-turner for the right reasons. While the cycling shorts by Blumarine, Roberto Cavalli, and Fila ruled the show for their peppered look, outfits by Emporio Armani, Cristiano Burani,  and Off-White displayed exuberance in a wide range of shades like fluorescent and yellow. Denim and disco themed inspired attires also posed as a hot favorite with their layered jacket and one-piece collection.

5. 2019 Fall Collection

This year the fashion shows were hugely dominated by bright and vibrant shades that defined feminism in the right way. While fluorescent dominated the ramp walk during spring, come winter, the head ramp was illuminated with shades of pink. Ruffled coats, gowns, and even one-pieces all dyed in pink by designer Mark Fast sizzled on the ramp during the show. The long list of trends does not culminate here as apart from brightly shaded outfits, pleats and animal prints also made way to the top of the league. Even stealing the limelight were floral outfits by Prada, Masculine-feminine suits, and oversized shoulders dress by other designers.

Best Female Fashion Indoor Shows in 2019
Burberry Spring 2020

6. “Evolution” by Burberry

True to its theme Burberry reimagined a new era through costumes. Designer Riccardo Tisci took a risk that paid off well and presented a refined side of Burberry to the critics. The relaxed look of evolution was crafted by reconstructing the trenched coats and monochrome suits. Also, the fashion house bought back crystal gowns, ostrich feathered dresses, and floral jumpsuits to cater to the taste of everyone. 

7. Marc Jacobs “Life Inspired Theme Outfits”

It rarely happens when a designer successfully transforms life inspired outfits into the ramp. This year also fashion designer Marc Jacobs took inspirations from his yesteryear collections to present to the audiences. Chic, colorful, and vibrant the attires spun a tale of freshness and optimism. Also, there was a hint of the ’90s in his prized ensembles. Bold suits, stylish hats, floral coats, and above all, a dose of glamour completed the look from the designer.

Best Female Fashion Indoor Shows in 2019
Versace Spring 2020

8. The Versace Show, Milan Fashion Week

Like every other year, Versace made a stunning choice in revisiting good old times with its collection. The designer house is always in the news for its outfits that celebrate women in general, and this year, the fashion monarch set the standards high by tapping in “Jennifer Lopez.” The singer and actress finished off the show with a bang by walking down the ramp in an updated version of her iconic dress from 2000 Grammy Awards. The palm frock with a plunging neckline made cover stories back then and is also the inspiration behind google images. This year even the updated version of the outfit set the stage on fire for a dose of reasons.

9. Brock Collection Fashion Show

Although the New York fashion week sees significant footfalls from brands like Micheal Kors, Marc Jacobs, Brock Collection this year managed to grab attention. The designer locked the Fashion Week in Paris by introducing Victorian-inspired ultra-feminine outfits that provide the required edge in clothing for women. The collection dazzled the ramp oversized gowns, bows, voluminous ball skirtings; all paired perfectly with pieces of denim. The modern pieces of garments brilliantly showed off glamour in its every thread and was a runaway favorite with people.  

In a Nutshell

The fashion world is full of layers and subcultures, which transforms into the pieces of fabric they mold. The eccentric choices made by the glamourous industry make everyone take notice of their fashion choices and outline the creative decisions. Today with the ever-developing world, the chain of fashion has got widespread coverage thanks to social media and journalism. Beyond all these glamour, there is also a lot of hard work that goes on for months to prep these major fashion events, which are democratizing the industry. The year 2019 also saw an upsurge towards a more environment-friendly industry. 

This year judging from the immaculate attires, we can conclude that the fashion industry has found its footing among the humongous crowd out there. From fashion shows to fashion parties, the brands have left a lasting impact on the viewers, critics, and shoppers alike. The definitive choices made by the industry, along with the birth of new players, have made it easier to deliver a vision to the masses in a very short period and also create a niche for itself.

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