Benefits of Weightlifting for Girls

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Snatch and Jerk are exercises that are suitable for both men and women of all ages. Although for most, weightlifting is a pure strength sports exercise technique, speed, flexibility, and ability to concentrate are very important.

Weightlifting can offer many benefits to the female gender: a healthy body, strong bones, flexible joints, and good coordination.

One often hears the question: “Is weightlifting safe for girls?” The answer to this question is: “A properly designed training program is safe and healthy!”

Despite this, there are many myths today that resistance training is harmful to women’s health!

It is important to know that weightlifting improves overall health, physical development and self-confidence. Weightlifting training under the supervision of an experienced coach will allow girls to get a lot of advantages:

– increase muscle tone;

– improve mobility;

– develop motor qualities;

– adjust body composition;

– strengthen the cardio-respiratory system;

– to enhance self-respect.

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It is important to understand that weightlifting is not necessarily about lifting huge weights and developing large muscles.

Modern research shows that regular strength training improves well-being, strength and endurance in daily life. Weightlifting program for women, along with good nutrition, can help protect against heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Weightlifting is considered to be a pure power sport, but it is a very technically challenging sport. Most athletes spend months and years learning the technique – no one lifts hundreds of kilograms at once. Weightlifters develop strength through specific exercises. Women are also capable of developing strength, so feeling “not strong enough” is another reason to do weightlifting. You may also want to research how to deadlift for a strong weightlifting foundation.

Due to hormonal differences between men and women, women can develop strength through strength training without increasing muscle volume excessively. Moreover, systematic training helps to reduce the amount of fatty tissue.

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Weightlifting is not harmful to the back muscles. The technique of performing weightlifting exercises is based on the safe use of the leg and back muscles, while the load is distributed in such a way as not to overload the spine. Also, weightlifting training includes strengthening the stabilizing muscles of the trunk.

There are essentially no biological differences that limit women to start weightlifting. Moreover, women are inherently more flexible than men and therefore can exercise more efficiently and economically.

Weightlifting doesn’t make women sterile. Exercise by itself does not affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant or the regularity of her menstrual cycle. Rather, it depends on the balance of stress and the quality of nutrition and recovery. Physically active women tend to have easier pregnancies and have healthy babies.

Do not be afraid that weightlifting will make girls aggressive. Yes, doing any kind of sport develops “competitive qualities”. And it’s okay to be able to concentrate and be collected in extreme conditions. It helps in life and teaches us to respond to stress normally. And this is exactly why many girls come to the gym.

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