Beauty Tips for An Eco-Friendly Beauty Routine

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As a woman, you are expected to look your best at all times. Whether you’ve just had a child or are coming off a week-long illness, most people are going to look down on you if you are not primped and preened. If your makeup is not right and applied correctly, most people will judge you negatively. It goes without saying that this is just one of the many things that make it challenging to be a woman.

Regardless of this, what’s even more frightening and terrifying is the effect that your beauty routine is having on the environment. More than 200 million tons of plastic are produced each year and right now, more than 7 million tons of these plastic products are floating in the oceans and seas. A lot of this plastic can be contributed to the beauty industry. Combine this with all the potentially harmful chemicals in sprays and beauty products, and it should be easy to see how the beauty industry is having such a negative impact on the environment today. What can you do to reduce your footprint?

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Consider Refills

If there are more than 7 million tons of plastic in the oceans and seas then it only makes sense to reduce your plastic consumption. The only problem is this is much harder to do than most people imagine. Especially in the beauty industry because everything is packaged so nicely in beautiful plastic bottles and packages. This is why you should consider opting for refillable products. Instead of throwing away that plastic fill bottle and buying another, why not just replace the liquid inside? Consider a toothbrush with a bamboo handle. It’s the bristle that you utilize anyways. Get rid of those plastic swabs and opt for cotton pads or napkins for removing makeup. Whatever the situation is, eliminating your plastic consumption is the best place to start being more Eco-friendly.

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Keep An Eye On The Ingredients

It is a sad matter, but you’d be surprised at how little attention most women pay to the ingredients in their products. They’ll just either go for a popular name or something that they are familiar with. Well, it is entirely possible that you are not only damaging the environment, but you could be damaging your skin or hair. And, this is because a lot of today’s beauty products contain harsh chemicals and ingredients. Instead, you should opt for more eco-friendly brands. VEOCEL beauty cellulosic fibers provide gentle care to pamper your skin. Organic, vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics simply do not contain ingredients that are of animal origin or tested on animals either, so this is just something else to consider.

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Limit Water Consumption

Have you ever paid attention to the amount of water that you are consuming during your routine? Do you leave the tap running while you are brushing your teeth? That would be an entire two minutes of water running for no apparent reason. Do you like to take a bath so you just soak and getting adding hot water? This might feel great, but a shower is just a more effective approach. Heck, just switching to a more efficient showerhead can go a long way to reducing your water consumption.

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