Apps to Improve Your Life: Top Apps for Your Health and Well-Being

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A Mobile App has become a legitimate way to improve both your physical and mental health and are a great way to add pause into your day to day life. From apps that track your food intake to help you lose weight to apps that teach you mindfulness, these are our favorites.

My Possible Self

My Possible Self is an app designed to help with your mental health if you’re dealing with issues like low self-esteem and depression. Within the app, there are several modules you can take that focus on a particular issue you may be facing, such as stress, grieving the loss of someone, and anxiety. You can also add in ‘moments’ which act as a journal or diary of your mindset. This allows you to better recognize triggers that lead to anxiety or negative mindsets. 

Deliciously Ella

If you’re interested in your diet as a way of promoting your mental and physical health, then Deliciously Ella may be an excellent option for you. This app is full of over 300 recipes that are designed to be both tasty and healthy. If you have dietary restrictions such as being gluten-free or vegan, Ella has you covered. All recipes are both vegan and gluten-free, so you don’t need to worry about changing any ingredients to suit you.

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This a one of several very useful period tracking apps for women that want a better understanding of their menstrual cycle. You can use the app to track when you’re expected to come on to your period, which is very useful for planning activities such as a holiday where this may be inconvenient. You can also use the app to identify when you’re most likely to get pregnant, and the app provides you with information about your cycle as you go through it.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep tracking apps have also become very popular in the last few years as a way to get information on the quality of your sleep and to improve your sleep hygiene. The app tracks the time you fall to sleep, as well as when you wake up and the quality of your sleep to give you information on how you can improve your sleeping patterns. This will help you to wake up more naturally and feel better throughout the day.

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Courses that help to stop smoking, such as those at are common, but apps can be used as an additional supplement to keep you on track. The app allows you to track how long you’ve been cigarette-free, and also tells you how much you’ve saved from quitting your habit to keep you motivated.


Building positive habits is one of the best ways to increase your overall well-being and to create a positive and healthy life. Streaks allows you to do this by setting small goals each day, such as eating five different vegetables or reading a chapter of a book, and then rewards you for keeping these habits up.

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