America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21, Episode 7: Ice, Ice, Baby

Acting Challenge

Lenox on set
Lenox on set

The episode begins with the models going to CW studios for an acting challenge. Some drama ensues as Mirjana gets jealous of Denzel playing his lines with Shei, and she ends up flopping at the challenge because she is distracted. Denzel once again reminds us in his confessional that Mirjana still has a boyfriend, so why is she concerned? The winner of the challenge is Denzel while Mirjana gets a 5 at the challenge.

Later, Denzel has a conversation with Keith where he says he really wants a guy to win as long as it’s not Will. He shows some intolerance by then going on to say that guys should not wear heels. As fate would have it, Will just so happened to hear the conversation. He starts crying and everybody comforts him. In that moment, Adam reveals that in the past he had a “viral” incident with a gay person while in his frat where Adam kicked the person out of a party. But, he has seemed to change with his acceptance of Will.

Ice Photo Shoot

Now, it’s on to the photo shoot challenge where the contestants had to pose on a block of ice. At the judging panel, Tyra takes Denzel to task for his words against Will. At the end, Lenox ends up on top again with the bottom too being Kari and Raelia. Tyra says Kari has the goods but it’s not translating in challenges while Raelia looks good in motion, but can’t quite get it on photo shoots. At the end, Kari was eliminated.

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